Ranoji Shinde[1] (died 19 July 1745, Shujalpur, Madhya Pradesh) also known as Ranoji Rao Shinde, was Shrimant Sardar in Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj's service during 1720 to 1745 under ShrimantBajirao Peshwa. He was the founder of Royal FamilyGwalior State ruled by the Scindia dynasty of the Marathas.

Ranoji Scindia
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History Research Book having details of Shrimant Ranoji Rao Shinde
Reign1731 - 1745
SuccessorJayappaji Rao Scindia
Died19 July 1745
Shujalpur, Malwa
SpouseMaina Bai
Chima Bai
IssueJayappaji Rao Shinde
Dattaji Rao Shinde
Jyotiba Rao Shinde
Tukoji Rao Shinde
Mahadji Shinde
FatherJankoji Shinde (I)

Ranoji was Patil of Kanherkheda (Kannerkhera),[2] a small place in Satara District, Maharashtra, east of Satara.

He started his career as Sardar under the leadership of Peshwa Baji Rao and later on established himself in Malwa, as the Marathas took it over from the Mughals. In his part of the region, around Gwalior, he was outside the effective power of the Maratha Empire.

During the invasion and conquest of Malwa in 1723, Ranoji served as one of the three most senior commanders under Peshwa Bajirao. He acquired a considerable territory and possessions as part of the Malwa settlement in 1731, and became Subedar of that province in 1736. Sardar.Yeshoji Arvandekar was his Sarsenapati(commander-in-chief).

He established his seat at Ujjain in 1731, which remained the capital of the Scindias until 1810.

Ranoji died at Shujalpur, Malwa on 19 July 1745. He left three legitimate sons, Jayappaji Rao Shinde, Dattaji Rao Shinde and Jyotiba Rao Shinde, and two illegitimate, Tukoji Rao Shinde and Mahadaji Shinde. His sons played an important part in the subsequent history of the Maratha confederacy.


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Ranoji Scindia
Born: - Died: 1745
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Maharaja of Gwalior
Succeeded by
Jayappaji Rao Scindia