Battle of Mandsaur

The Battle of Mandsaur took place in Mandsaur, India between the Maratha Army and Jai Singh II of Amber.

Battle of Mandsaur
Part of Imperial Maratha Conquests
Date21 October 1732
Location24°02′N 75°05′E / 24.03°N 75.08°E / 24.03; 75.08
Result Maratha Empire victory
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgMaratha Empire Flag of Jaipur.svgJaipur state
Commanders and leaders
Malhar Rao Holkar
Ranoji Scindia
Anand Rao Pawar
Vithoji Bhule
Udaji Pawar
Manaji Patil
Jai Singh II
Casualties and losses
15 officers killed[1] 1 officer killed[1]
Mandsaur is located in Madhya Pradesh
Location within Madhya Pradesh
Mandsaur is located in India
Mandsaur (India)


In February 1732, the Marathas completely surrounded Jai Singh with their enormous cavalry and started cutting of his supplies. The Jaipur Raja was forced to sue for peace, he offered the marathas six lakhs, but Holkar refused and demanded more. While the negotiations were taking place, a rumour surfaced about reinforcements from the emperor. This raised the morale of the Jaipur army and the Rajputs got ready for battle, the Marathas quickly attacked the rearguard of the Jaipur army and killed its commander. The Rajputs also attacked and killed fifteen Maratha officers in the fight that followed. Holkar and his men retreated 30 miles away from the battlefield. Jai Singh followed them but was outpaced by the Maratha cavalry who reached Jai Singhs camp and forced him to surrender.[1]


Jai Singh was forced to give six lakhs to Holkar and allow him to collect chauth from 28 pargana's in Malwa.[1]

The Maratha victory at the Battle of Mandsaur[2] had the following consequences:

  1. Scindias and Holkars were emboldened to renew their attack on Rajputana.
  2. Kota and Bundi were made the next targets in the same year by the Marathas.

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