Rampla Juniors

Rampla Juniors Fútbol Club, commonly known as Rampla Juniors, is a Uruguayan football club based in Montevideo. The team was actively playing the 2021 season by January 2021.[1] In their home stadium, Rampla won the Uruguayan championship in 1927.[2] In 2019, the Rampla Juniors Fútbol Club had Estadio Olímpico, with 6,000 capacity, as its home stadium.[3] Fans are nicknamed "The Flinstones," as they helped build the team's home stadium in the 1960s, which resembled a quarry.[2]

Rampla Juniors
Full nameRampla Juniors Football Club
Friyis (until the 1960s)
Founded7 January 1914
GroundEstadio Olímpico,
Montevideo, Uruguay
ChairmanIsabel Peña
CoachJavier Benia
LeagueSegunda División
2020Segunda División, 4th
WebsiteClub website
Current season


Origin and coloursEdit

Old logo.

Rampla Juniors were founded in the Aduana area (also the birthplace of River Plate FC), then moved first to the Aguada neighborhood, and finally, around 1920, to the Cerro neighborhood. Their colors are taken from Fortaleza, a club that existed in the early years of Rampla's stint in the Cerro area. Another story of how they chose their colors is similar to how Boca Juniors supposedly got the idea for their kit colors from a Swedish flag on a ship. It is rumored that Rampla's founders took the red and green from an Italian flag on a ship that arrived in Montevideo Bay. It is also said that the basketball team CA Aguada (founded in 1922) took their colors from Rampla Juniors.

Early championships and gamesEdit

Rampla Juniors flag.

In their home stadium, Rampla won the Uruguayan championship in 1927.[2] Rampla in 1927 won the Uruguayan Primera División, the 1927 Squad was: Pedro Arispe (Captain), Pedro Aguirre, Enrique Ballestrero, Pedro Cabrera, Julio Nieto, José Magallanes, Juan Miguel Fermín "Ruso" Labraga, Luis Gaitán, Conrado Haeberli, Vital Ruffatti and Conrado Bidegain.

Rampla was once[when?] called[by whom?] the third "big" (meaning popular or best) of Uruguay's clubs, Peñarol and Nacional being first and second, due to the huge number of followers and positive results.[citation needed]

In its early days, Rampla Juniors had strong ties with the meat packing industries that forged the neighborhood that it represents, notably the Chicago companies Swift and Armour. From those companies' workforces came several important players to Rampla Juniors. Until the mid 1960s Ramplas' supporters were known as Friyis, as the sound resembled fridges (from the meat packing industries).

Fans are nicknamed "The Flinstones," as they helped build the team's home stadium during the 1964 and 1966 construction, which resembled a quarry. In 1966, the stadium had received its name.[2]

In the 1980s the club replaced the stadium's old wooden stands with new ones made with concrete. Supporters helped break stones for the restoration, hence their new nickname, the Picapiedras (stone breakers).

In 2007, Rampla finished tied in 2nd place with Danubio in the Uruguayan 1st division. Their team record was (9 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses, in 15 games).

Recent seasonsEdit

By 2009, the club was in political and financial difficulties. By 2015, Rampla was in debt around US $200,000. In 2016, trade unionist Juan Castillo was named the club's president, and new management was announced too. Castillo was soon replaced with Isabel Peña as president. In 2020, the club's debts were paid by businessman Edgard Parnas, in exchange for 20% of the club's ownership.[4]

In 2019, the Rampla Juniors Fútbol Club continued to use Estadio Olímpico, with 6,000 capacity, as its home stadium.[3] To play a promotion tournament, in August 2020, the team raised US$180,000 in six days, refinancing 50% of debt with players, and paying the other half to start in the Second Division (Uruguayan Segunda División).[5] By 2020 December, Rampla Juniors beat Racing Club de Montevideo 3-0, and were in the final for promotion in the second division.[6]

The team was actively playing the 2021 season by January 2021.[1] In January 2021 the first final of the Second Professional Division was played between Rampla Juniors and team Sud América.[7] Daniel Bianchi was named new president of the Rampla Juniors on Thursday, February 25, 2021.[8] In June 2021 they played the Atenas de San Carlos, ending in a draw at 1-1.[9] On June 16, 2021, they won against Villa Teresa 1-0, with a goal scored by Pablo Pereira.[10] In July 2021, rival Cerro beat the Rampla Juniors 1-0 at Charrua Stadium,[11] in the Liga de Ascenso Profesional.[12] The game was the Villa classic.[13] In August 2021, the team Peñarol won the final against Rampla 4-1.[14]


Rampla Juniors's archrivals are Cerro, and as such, the second biggest rivalry in the country.

The annual derby between teams is high-profile.[2]

Current squadEdit

Updated 13 July 2021 Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   URU Luis Cartés
2 DF   URU Joaquín Machado
3 DF   URU Emilio MacEachen
4 DF   URU Matías Soto
5 MF   URU Isaac Méndez (on loan from River Plate)
6 DF   URU Maycol Lisboa
7 FW   URU Facundo Bravo
8 MF   URU Adrian Vila (on loan from Nacional)
9 FW   URU Horacio Sequeira
10 MF   URU Juan Albín
12 GK   URU Fernando Laforia
13 DF   URU Germán Gabriel
14 MF   URU Gonzalo Bazallo
15 MF   URU Walter Corrales (on loan from Danubio)
16 DF   URU Santiago Aguilar
17 FW   URU Maximiliano Burruzo
18 MF   URU Cristian Álvez
19 FW   URU Pablo Pereira
No. Pos. Nation Player
20 MF   URU Bryan Bautista (on loan from Rentistas)
21 FW   URU Diego Martiñones
22 FW   URU Jorge Trinidad
24 MF   URU Enzo Facchin (on loan from Nacional)
25 MF   URU Gastón Díaz
26 MF   URU Santiago Rodríguez (on loan from River Plate)
27 DF   URU Claudio Servetti
28 DF   URU Charles Zoryez
29 DF   URU Rodrigo Vidal
30 FW   COL Jhosuan Berríos
31 DF   URU Samuel Rodríguez
32 MF   URU Ernesto Ocampo
GK   URU Tabaré Marichal
DF   URU Facundo Episcopo
DF   URU Cristian Ferreira
FW   URU Mateo Abeijón
FW   URU Agustín Brandimarti
FW   URU Dylan Garat

Out on loanEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player

Notable playersEdit



1944, 1980, 1992

Other Official Domestic HonoursEdit

  • Torneo Competencia: 2
1950, 1955
  • Torneo de Copa: 1
  • Torneo Cuadrangular: 1


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