Luis López (football manager, born 1961)

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Rubén Luis López Quinteros (born 25 June 1961) is a Uruguayan football manager. He is nicknamed El Ronco.

Luis López
Personal information
Full name Rubén Luis López Quinteros
Date of birth (1961-06-25) 25 June 1961 (age 61)
Place of birth Montevideo, Uruguay
Managerial career
Years Team
1998–1999 Cerrito
2001 Platense Montevideo
2002 El Tanque Sisley[1]
2004 Sud América
2005–2006 Cerro (assistant)
2006 Bella Vista (youth)[2]
2007 Rampla Juniors
2008 Juventud de Las Piedras
2009 Fénix
2010–2011 Juventud de Las Piedras
2012–2013 Rampla Juniors
2014–2015 Central Español
2017–2018 Rampla Juniors
2019 Sud América (interim)
2020 Sud América (interim)
2021 Sud América


Born in Montevideo, López began his career with Cerrito in 1998.[3] In the 2006–07 season he led Rampla Juniors away from relegation, and finished third in the 2007 Apertura before leaving the club for Juventud de Las Piedras in June 2008.[4] He was sacked from the latter club in September.[5]

López spent a short period in charge of Fénix[6] before returning to Juventud in 2010, but was sacked from the latter in April 2011.[7] He returned to Rampla in November of the following year,[8] but resigned in July 2013.

López was in charge of Central Español during the 2014–15 Uruguayan Segunda División season,[9] before returning to Rampla in 2016 as a sporting director. On 17 April 2017, he was again appointed manager after Fernando Araújo resigned.[10]

López resigned from Rampla on 6 May 2018,[11] and was named sporting director at Sud América the following 25 January.[12] He was an interim manager of the side on two occasions during the 2019 and 2020 campaigns before leaving the club on 1 June 2021, stating a desire to return to managerial duties.[13]

On 5 October 2021, López returned to Sud América, now as manager.[14]

Personal lifeEdit

López's sons Nicolás and Sebastián are both footballers and forwards.[15]


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