The QJZ-89, also known as the Type 89, is a heavy machine gun designed in the People's Republic of China and fires the Soviet-designed 12.7×108mm ammunition.

QJZ-89 89式重机枪
TypeHeavy machine gun
Place of originChina
Service history
Used byChina
Production history
Mass17.5 kg (38.58 lb) (gun only)
8.5 kg (18.74 lb) (tripod)
Length2,119 mm (83.4 in)
Barrel length1,003 mm (39.5 in)

Rate of fire450-600 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity850 m/s (2,788 ft/s)
Feed systembelt


The Chinese military was still searching for a lighter heavy machine gun after the adoption of the Type 85 machine gun. The Type 89 was adopted just two years after the adoption of the Type 85 as an entirely new "lightweight heavy machine gun." The gun and tripod together only weigh 26 kg (57 lb), which is even lighter than the 32 kg (71 lb) Russian Kord machine gun on a bipod mount; although the American XM312 was lighter at 19 kg (42 lb), it never entered service and had a rate of fire too low to effectively engage low-flying aerial targets. It achieves such a low weight through a combination gas/recoil action usually seen on autocannons, where gas unlocks the breech while recoil operates the feed and decreases the peak recoil forces induced on the housing and mount. China has reportedly developed 12.7 mm armor piercing discarding sabot (APDS) ammunition for the QJZ-89, similar to U.S. saboted light armor penetrator rounds, increasing performance against light armored vehicles.[1]


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