President of the Senate of Nigeria

The President of the Nigerian Senate is the presiding officer of the Senate of Nigeria, elected by its membership. The Senate President is second in line for succession to the Nigerian presidency, after the Vice President of Nigeria. The current President of the Senate is Senator Ahmed Lawan.

President of the Senate of The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Seal of the Senate President Ng.jpg
Seal of the Senate President of Nigeria
Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan.jpg
Ahmed Lawan

since 11 June 2019
Legislative Branch of the Federal Government
StyleMr President
Member ofNigerian Senate
National Assembly Commission
SeatThree Arms Zone F.C.T Abuja
AppointerIndirect Senate Election
Term length4 years renewable
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Nigeria
DeputyDeputy President of the Senate

List of Senate PresidentsEdit

Senate Presidents of Nigeria
Senate President Term Party
Nnamdi Azikiwe 1960 NCNC
Dennis Osadebay 1960–1963 NCNC
Nwafor Orizu 1963–1966 NCNC
Joseph Wayas 1979–1983 NPN
Iyorchia Ayu 1992–1993 SDP
Ameh Ebute 1993 SDP
Evan Enwerem 1999 PDP
Chuba Okadigbo 1999–2000 PDP
Anyim Pius Anyim 2000–2003 PDP
Adolphus Wabara 2003–2005 PDP
Ken Nnamani 2005–2007 PDP
David Mark 2007–2015 PDP
Bukola Saraki 2015–2019 APC
Ahmed Lawan 11 June 2019 – present APC


  • Nwafor Orizu was the only Senate President of Nigeria ever to ascend to the Nigerian presidency through the constitutional order of succession. He was later forced to handover power to Aguiyi-Ironsi military junta.
  • David Mark became the first person to retain the Presidency of the Senate and serve a second term in 2011. He and his deputy were re-nominated without contest.
  • David Mark was the longest serving senate president (2007-2015) and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu is the longest serving deputy senate president (2007 - 11 June 2019).
  • Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki was the first civilian former governor to become the president of the Senate.