Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy is an Indian author.[1] She has been consistently nominated for the Forbes List of the 100 most influential celebrities in India since 2013.[2] Preeti received the Indian of the Year award by Brands Academy.[3] She has also received Business excellence award instituted by New Delhi Management Institute.[4]

Preeti Shenoy
Author Preeti Shenoy
Author Preeti Shenoy
Born (1971-12-21) 21 December 1971 (age 48)
GenreFiction, nonfiction

India Today calls her 'the only woman in the highest-selling league,' alluding to the popularity of her books.[5]

Daily News and Analysis has described her as a "keenly observant mind", and The Times of India describes her writing as "excellent storytelling skills". Cosmopolitan has described her as "one of India's most popular authors", also she is the only woman in India's highest selling league.[6]

She was a keynote speaker at Birmingham Literature Festival,[7] where the cover of A Hundred Little Flames was also released.[8][9]

Writing careerEdit

34 Bubblegums and Candies

34 Bubblegums and Candies is a collection of short, real-life incidents that have inspired Preeti Shenoy in the course of her life. Using the analogy of bubblegums and candies, the title alludes to the various facets of life that go by unnoticed. Humorous and engaging, the book takes you through 34 real-life incidents covering a variety of characters.[10]

Life Is What You Make It

The second book by Shenoy, Life Is What You Make It, was published on 1 January 2011 and became a national bestseller. The book has also featured in the "Top Books of 2011", a Nielsen list, which is released by the Hindustan Times. The book was also selected as one of the all-time bestsellers of 2011 by the Times of India.

Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake

Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake was published by RHI on 1 February 2012. It is a story of an average woman and her average life full of imperfections. But amidst these imperfections lies an extraordinary story of an ordinary girl.[11][12]

The Secret Wish List

Her fourth book, The Secret Wish List was released in October 2012.[13][14][15][16]

The One You Cannot Have

Preeti Shenoy's fifth book, The One You Cannot Have was released in November 2013. The story revolves around Aman, Anjali and Shruti who are in search of true love from one other.

It Happens for a Reason

In December 2014, she released yet another fiction novel, It Happens for a Reason, the story of a single mother Vipasha.

Why We Love The Way We Do

The book Why We Love The Way We Do is a collection of essays on relationships.

It's All in the Planet's

It's All in the Planet's was published in September 2016. It is the story of Aniket, whose life revolves around two women, Trisha, his girlfriend and Nidhi, who is thirty-two and who has quit her corporate job to follow her passion.

A Hundred Little Flames

A Hundred Little Flames was released in November 2017. Preeti's first novel set outside the urban context of an Indian city, it is the story of Ayan, a young boy brought up in Bahrain.

Love A Little Stronger

Love A Little Stronger was released on 27 April 2018. Shenoy is revisiting 34 Bubble Gums and Candies and adding perspective to.

The Rule Breakers

The Rule Breakers is a Story of a young ambitious girl who was married in her early 20s, who was moved to Pune with her husband and mother-in -law, and faces change in life. The novel is very sensitive about the various issues faced in Indian society. Released on 17 sept 2018.

Wake Up, Life is Calling

Preeti Shenoy's compelling sequel to the iconic bestseller ‘Life is What You Make it’ chronicles the resilience of the human mind and the immense power of positive thinking. The gripping narrative demonstrates with gentle wisdom how by changing our thoughts we can change our life itself.

Personal lifeEdit

During her school years, Shenoy studied in different Kendriya Vidyalaya in India.[citation needed] Shenoy's is also a self-taught artist who paints with water colours and oils, and also works with mixed media.[citation needed]


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