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Poochini's Yard (a.k.a. Poochini) is an animated children's television series which originally aired globally in 2000, but was not shown in the United States for the first time until September 1, 2002.[1] The series follows the life of a dog named Poochini who runs away from home after his rich owner dies, gets captured by the dog pound and is adopted by an average American family.

Poochini's Yard
Created byDave Thomas
Developed byRobin Steele
Directed byDave Thomas
Dave Marshall
StarringBilly West
Dee Bradley Baker
Leslie Carrara
Jeff Bennett
John Cygan
Maurice LaMarche
Composer(s)Rusty Andrews
Brad Carow
Bill Fulton
John Gonzalez
Country of originUSA
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26
Executive producer(s)Ian Ensslen
Jeff Fino
Dr. Sylvia Rothblum
Producer(s)Thomas Haffa
Kaye Robinson
Dr. Sylvia Rothblum
Jeffrey C. Ulin
Running time30 mins
DistributorStudio 100
Original networkSyndication
Original releaseFebruary 1, 2000 –
March 1, 2003

Though it was created and co-produced by San Francisco-based entertainment company WildBrain, Poochini was not shown in the United States for over two years after its production. The Christmas Tree and Coffee Dog are available (though hard to track down) on video and DVD. Co-produced, and internationally distributed, by Munich-based media group EM.TV,[2] Poochini was based on the award-winning short A Dog Cartoon (1999).

The series had just 26 episodes with the last one airing in the United States on March 1, 2003. It aired in syndication and on The WB 100+ Station Group.

It was directed by Dave Marshall and Dave Thomas. The series was one of the final projects of background artist Maurice Noble, who is credited as design and color consultant.


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Season 1

  • 1. Coffee Dog/ Amnesiac Dog/ Leaf Me Alone
  • 2. Checkers Dog/ Dog Pile/ The Skunk
  • 3. Barking Orders/ Fallout Shelter/ Leash Law
  • 4. Piranha/ League of Dogs/ Hosed
  • 5. The Tail/ Albino Alligator/ Dog Show
  • 6. Foamer/ The Dog House of Tomorrow/ Puppy Love
  • 7. Heatwave/ Love Cats/ Tar Dog
  • 8. Diva Dog/ Poolside Poochini/ Newsboy Rampage
  • 9. Recyclers/ Chili Dog/ You Dirty Rat
  • 10. Dogsitter/ The Servant/ Phobic Family
  • 11. Butterfly Season/ Paranoid Dog/ Robot Dog
  • 12. Night of Terror/ Queen Bee/ Remote Control
  • 13. Squeeky Fromage/ Puppy Obey/ Christmas Tree

Season 2

  • 14. Abandoned/ The Gopher/ The Cone
  • 15. Peanut Butter/ The Visitor/ The Flea Collar
  • 16. Extreme Poochini Wrestling/ The Guru/ Psychic Dog
  • 17. Boning Up/ Night Crawlers/ Flying Dog
  • 18. Dog Wanted/ Pleasant Puppy Dreams/ Stray Dog
  • 19. Nurture Dog/ Whitesylvania Forever/ Born Again Dog
  • 20. Mad Dog on Duty/ The Baldness/ Doggie Day Afternoon
  • 21. Garden Guardian/ Hurricane Poochini/ Yard Sale of the Century
  • 22. Massive Hounds/ Pet Smells/ Bedtime
  • 23. Freak Week/ Meat Madness/ Vomitron
  • 24. A Hound in One/ Poochersize/ Super Hearing Dog
  • 25. Bone Sweet Bone/ Three Bad Dogs/ Pyro Pooch
  • 26. Carry On/ Dognapped/ Hi Class Hi Jinx - Series Finale


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