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The Pink Friday Tour is the debut concert tour by Trinidadian singer/songwriter Nicki Minaj. The tour is to promote her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The tour began in May 2012 with shows in Australia and Asia. The tour then continued on to Europe and North America in June, July, and August 2012. The tour came to a close on August 14, 2012 in New York City at the Roseland Ballroom. The final show was a part of a free Pepsi promotional concert. Attendees were only eligible for tickets if they called radio stations Hot 97, Power 105, Z-100, 92.3 Now, and WBLI or tweet Nicki Minaj or Pepsi on Twitter.[1] After playing 41 shows on 4 continents, Minaj quickly followed up the tour with the Pink Friday: Reloaded Tour.

Pink Friday Tour
Tour by Nicki Minaj
NickiMinaj PinkFirdayTourPoster.jpg
Promotional poster for tour
Associated albumPink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Start dateMay 16, 2012 (2012-05-16)
End dateAugust 14, 2012 (2012-08-14)
No. of shows21 in North America
15 in Europe
4 in Asia
3 in Oceania
44 in total
Nicki Minaj concert chronology

Background and developmentEdit

While promoting her second album in the UK, Minaj revealed tour dates for major cities in England. The singer officially announced the tour via Twitter on May 1, 2012—showcasing the stage resembling Barbie's Dreamhouse.[2] Minaj stated that she will play radio and outdoor festivals in conduction with arenas and theatres.[3] She also mentions the tour will have an "intimate yet big" feel. Laurieann Gibson will serve as creative director and choreographer for the tour. Gibson stated "Nicki Minaj was so much fun for me, and it was like a real breath of fresh air, and musically, to get back to the rap game, to see a female MC dominate the pop charts, this, historically, for me, I feel a bit of responsibility", in a MTV interview.[4]

Concert synopsisEdit

The concert is divided into five acts, they all incorporate Minaj's hip-hop, pop, rap, and R&B styles of music. An interlude kicks-off the show with Minaj's voice explaining that her alter ego "Roman", warrior of "Pinkslam", must travel for 40 days, and 40 nights, to planet Earth to defeat an evil force known as "Nemesis". Minaj begins the concert in a black cloak, singing the fiery-bar spitting song "Roman's Revenge" or the fast-paced "Roman Holiday" while standing on top of the stage with a church themed backdrop. The dancers are also dressed in black cloaks. After the first chorus, Minaj takes off the cloak and reveals a new outfit which consists of pink and black polka dot high rise panties, and a yellow and black polka dot jacket, or a graffiti themed jacket, paired with leggings underneath. The dancers also appear in different attire after their cloaks are removed. She then burst out into her hip-hop segment starting off with "Did it on 'Em" followed by her verses in "I Am Your Leader" continued with "Beez in the Trap" and then on to a snippet of "Stupid Hoe" before rolling into her verse in Big Sean's "Dance (A$$)".

After a brief pause Minaj continues the show with a new segment starting with "Right by My Side" that flows into "Champion" and concludes the segment with "Moment 4 Life" while wearing the same attire as last segment. The medley's backdrop consisted of a sky themed backdrop. After finishing the medley Minaj heads backstage to change outfits while the DJ plays an interlude leading up to the next segment.

After the interlude ends Minaj returns to the stage wearing a white vest, white leggings, and a white tutu accompanied with white high heels. Minaj's dancers have also changed into gold attire. Minaj then takes a splatter-painted gun and sprays the crowd with white fog. After Minaj sets the gun down she returns to her group of female dancers before jumping into "Starships" which starts the pop segment of the concert. To go along with "Starships" the backdrop was inside of a "Starship". After "Starships", she then sings "Pound the Alarm". Next, Minaj walks around the stage slapping her dancer's butts before heading into "Whip It". Minaj then dives into her verses in David Guetta's dance anthem "Where Them Girls At". Then Minaj performs "Turn Me On". Minaj then walks off stage for a second time for another outfit change.

At the end of the interlude Nicki emerges from backstage with a pink dress on and also changed her wig to a short blond wig with pink accents. She then talks about how she got her heart broken and wanted to literally kill someone. She followed that statement with saying "But instead I wrote a song." which lead into "Fire Burns" with an Autumn themed background. She followed the song by then performing "Save Me" with Barbie's house as a backdrop. After "Save Me" she left the stage which ended her softer, more emotional segment of the show. Another DJ interlude played while she made her final costume change of the concert.

For the last segment Minaj is dressed with graffiti leggings, a striped shirt, black panties, with a pink hat and some necklaces. She had also changed her wig to solid black with bangs. The background for this segment is a basic speaker system. She then performs a mixtape medley which consisted of songs such as "Go Hard", "Sweet Dreams", "Slumber Party", "Beam Me Up Scotty", "Freaky Gurl", "I Get Crazy", and "Itty Bitty Piggy" from her mixtapes. In the European leg of the tour Minaj also performed "Itty Bitty Piggy" in the medley. Minaj then performs "Come On A Cone" before the final medley. The final medley consisted of songs such as "Up All Night", "Make Me Proud", "My Chick Bad", "Bottoms Up", "Monster", "Letting Go (Dutty Love)", "Hold Yuh", "BedRock", "Roman Reloaded", and "Roman in Moscow". Following the final medley Minaj states "Is there a song you haven't heard yet?", which leads right into "Super Bass". Minaj finishes "Super Bass" at the top of the stage with white fog shooting in the air along each staircase before saying "Thank you and goodnight!" which leads to an encore chorus before Nicki and her dancers exit the stage.

Critical responseEdit

The tour received generally positive reviews from music critics. Kicking off the tour in Australia, music critics gave the performances extremely positive reviews. Kathy McCabe (The Daily Telegraph) writes that Minaj was "colorful" during the tour's debut at the Horden Pavilion. She continues, "Minaj graciously brought her arena show to town with its awesome backdrop of videos, those ripped dancers, a song list of hits, her graciousness and potty mouth, and smashed it all together into a one-hour show. A lot of smoke and mirrors but all of it rather delectable. Except for the poor mums".[5] Hannah Kimber ( states Minaj's show in Sydney was an array of "deep beats, technicolour lighting and Disney inspired ensembles". She further states, "It was a night of tiny tasty Nicki treats all mashed into a mini musical feast with tight choreography and lots to look at. But 65 minutes was not long enough for a full Nicki fix and the rabid Barbz in Sydney craved more Minaj".[6] At the Hisense Arena, Tran Nguyen (Take 40 Australia) humorously gave the show eight out of ten weaves. He says, "it was her performance of "Starships" that drove the fans completely wild. The ground shook harder, and more arms were flailing about (and blocking my view—although, my lack of height may have something to with that). Fans were jumping up and down, and occasionally busting a move or two".[7] The concert at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre was given two and a half out of five stars by Bridie Jabour (Brisbane Times). She says, ""Nicki did the obligatory good night and I love you and left the stage. And then something happened that I have not witnessed at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre or even the Tivoli. Everyone just left. There were no screams for an encore, no chanting of her name, no pleading for her to return and do just one more song. Nicki had finished her show and her fans were more than ready for it to be finished".[8]

Alexis Petridis from The Guardian attended the show at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London, he gave the Pink Friday Tour an average score with 3 out of 5 stars, saying "It seems a strange thing to say about a performance that opens with a woman rapping "I'm a bad bitch, I'm a cunt", but there's something oddly restrained about Nicki Minaj's live show. Then Petridis later commented on how moderate the show was in comparison to her exorcism-themed performance at the 54th Grammy Awards, "Given this is a woman who staged a mock exorcism on stage at the Grammys, before being hoisted into the air on wires while singing O Come All Ye Faithful, it's a relatively stripped-down show, which cleaves more to hip-hop tradition than pop extravaganza. There are costume changes and a confetti cannon, but there's no band, just a small troupe of dancers, a DJ and a hype man".[9] Jon Carmanica of the NY Times, gave the tour a positive review speaking on her ability to reach pop and hip-hop audiences, "Unlike almost any other rapper, she manages to exist on pop radio and hip-hop radio simultaneously (generally with different songs), and she's equally comfortable in both spaces."[10]

Opening actsEdit

• Mr Polska (Neatherlands)


  1. "Roman Holiday"
  2. "Did It on 'Em"
  3. "I Am Your Leader"
  4. "Beez in the Trap"
  5. "Stupid Hoe"
  6. "Dance (A$$)"
  7. "Right by My Side"
  8. "Champion
  9. "Moment 4 Life"
  10. "Starships"
  11. "Pound the Alarm"
  12. "Whip It"
  13. "Where Them Girls At"
  14. "Fire Burns"
  15. "Save Me"
  16. "Roman's Revenge"
  17. "Bottoms Up"
  18. "Turn Me On"
  19. "Super Bass"
Pepsi Promotional Show
  1. "Roman's Revenge"
  2. "Did It on 'Em"
  3. "I Am Your Leader" (with Cam'ron)
  4. "Touch It Or Not" (with Cam'ron)
  5. "Beez in the Trap"
  6. "Stupid Hoe"
  7. "I Luv Dem Strippers" / "Dance (A$$)" (2 song medley)
  8. "Right by My Side"
  9. "Moment 4 Life"
  10. "Starships"
  11. "Pound the Alarm"
  12. "Whip It"
  13. "Turn Me On"
  14. "Fire Burns"
  15. "Save Me"
  16. "Itty Bitty Piggy"
  17. "Go Hard"
  18. "Sweet Dreams"
  19. "Can't Stop, Won't Stop"
  20. "I Get Crazy"
  21. "Roman In Moscow"
  22. "Born Stunna" / "Roger That"
  23. "Come On A Cone"
  24. "Letting Go (Dutty Love)"
  25. "Hold Yuh"
  26. "My Chick Bad"
  27. "Bottoms Up"
  28. "5 Star Chick"
  29. "Freaky Girl"
  30. "Slumber Party"
  31. "Out of My Mind"
  32. "BK Anthem"
  33. "Oh Yeah" (with Foxy Brown)
  34. "Tables Will Turn" (with Foxy Brown)
  35. "Up All Night" (with Drake)
  36. "Make Me Proud" (with Drake)
  37. "Take It to the Head" (with Lil Wayne)
  38. "The Motto" (with Drake and Lil Wayne)
  39. "Roman Reloaded"
  40. "Super Bass"

Tour datesEdit

Date City Country Venue
Leg 1 —Oceania[14]
May 16, 2012 Sydney Australia Hordern Pavilion
May 18, 2012 Melbourne Hisense Arena
May 19, 2012 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Leg 2 —Asia[14]
May 22, 2012 Osaka Japan Namba Hatch
May 23, 2012 Tokyo Zepp Tokyo
May 25, 2012 Yokohama Yokohama Bay Hall
Leg 3 —North America[14]
June 1, 2012 [A] Camden United States Susquehanna Bank Center
Leg 4 — Europe[14][15][16][17]
June 8, 2012 Stockholm Sweden Annexet
June 9, 2012 Oslo Norway Oslo Spektrum
June 11, 2012 Copenhagen Denmark Falkoner Teatret
June 13, 2012 Brussels Belgium Ancienne Belgique
June 16, 2012 Berlin Germany Tempodrom
June 18, 2012 Amsterdam Netherlands Heineken Music Hall
June 21, 2012 Milan Italy Discoteca Alcatraz
June 23, 2012[B] London England Hackney Marshes
June 24, 2012 HMV Hammersmith Apollo
June 25, 2012
June 26, 2012 Birmingham National Indoor Arena
June 28, 2012 Manchester O2 Apollo Manchester
July 6, 2012 Paris France Zénith de Paris
July 7, 2012[C] London England Hyde Park
July 8, 2012[D] Kinross Scotland Balado Airfield
Leg 5 —Asia[18]
July 11, 2012 Manila Philippines Mall of Asia Arena
Leg 6 —North America[14]
July 16, 2012 Chicago United States Chicago Theatre
July 17, 2012 Detroit Fox Theatre
July 18, 2012 Minneapolis State Theater
July 19, 2012 Cleveland State Theatre
July 21, 2012 Washington, D.C. DAR Constitution Hall
July 22, 2012 Atlanta Fox Theatre
July 24, 2012 Miami James L. Knight Center
July 26, 2012 Birmingham Boutwell Memorial Auditorium
July 27, 2012 New Orleans Lakefront Arena
July 28, 2012 Houston Bayou Music Center
July 29, 2012 Grand Prairie Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
July 31, 2012 St. Louis Peabody Opera House
August 2, 2012 Denver Wells Fargo Theatre
August 4, 2012 Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
August 7, 2012 Phoenix Comerica Theatre
August 8, 2012 Los Angeles Nokia Theatre L.A. Live
August 9, 2012 Oakland Paramount Theatre
August 11, 2012 Seattle Paramount Theatre
August 12, 2012 Vancouver Canada Queen Elizabeth Theatre
August 14, 2012[E] New York City United States Roseland Ballroom


A This concert is part of Wired 96.5 Fest.[19]
B This concert is part of Radio 1's Hackney Weekend.[15]
C This concert is a part of the Barclaycard Wireless Festival.[16]
D This concert is a part of T in the Park.[17]
E This concert is a part of a free, Pepsi promotional concert, Attendees were only eligible for a chance to win tickets if you called on radio stations Hot 97, Power 105, Z-100, 92.3 Now, and WBLI or tweet Nicki Minaj or Pepsi on Twitter.[1]

Cancellations and rescheduled showsEdit

June 2, 2012 Mansfield, United States Xfinity Theatre-JAM'N 94.5 Presents: Summer Jam 2012 Cancelled[20]
July 4, 2012 Dublin, Ireland Olympia Theatre Rescheduled to August 21, 2012[21]
August 5, 2012 Los Angeles Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Rescheduled to August 8, 2012[22]
August 18, 2012 Weston-Under-Lizard Weston Park – V Festival Cancelled due to strained vocal cords.[23]
August 19, 2012 Chelmsford Hylands Park – V Festival Cancelled due to strained vocal cords.[23]
August 21, 2012 Dublin Olympia Theatre Cancelled due to strained vocal cords.[21]

Box office score dataEdit

Venue City Tickets sold / available Gross revenue
Hordern Pavilion Sydney 5,377 / 5,377 (100%) $490,692[24]
Chicago Theatre Chicago 3,521 / 3,521 (100%) $229,938[25]
Fox Theatre Atlanta 4,357 / 4,545 (96%) $282,785[26]
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles 6,300 / 6,864 (91%) $453,170[27]
TOTAL 19,555 / 20,307 (96.29%) $1,456,585 (only shows reported at the boxscore)



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