Pierre de Gondi

Pierre de Gondi, cardinal de Retz (1533–1616) was a French bishop and cardinal of the Gondi family.

Pierre de Gondi by Claude Duflos


Born in Lyon, he was a brother of Albert de Gondi (two of whose sons, Henri and Jean-François, succeeded Pierre as bishop of Paris) and a protégé of Catherine de Médicis. In turn, he became bishop of Langres (1565), bishop of Paris (1570), chancellor and grand almoner to Elisabeth of Austria, wife of Charles IX of France.

He was created cardinal in 1587.

Godni undertook several missions to Rome under Henry III of France and Henry IV of France and attended the 1592 papal conclave.



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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Guillaume Viole
Bishop of Paris
Succeeded by
Henri de Gondi
Preceded by
Francesco Mantica [it]
Oldest living Member of the Sacred College
30 January 1614 - 17 February 1616
Succeeded by
Domenico Toschi