Phyllis Quek (born 23 August 1972)[1] is a Malaysian actress and singer, known for her lead roles in the film 2000AD co-starring Aaron Kwok, and as 'Bai Mudan' in the popular television series Legend of the Eight Immortals.

Phyllis Quek
Born (1972-08-23) 23 August 1972 (age 51)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Actress
  • singer
  • former model
  • host
Years active1995–present
AgentHype Records
David Cox
(m. 2012)
Musical career
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese郭妃麗
Simplified Chinese郭妃丽
Hanyu PinyinGuō Fēilì
JyutpingGwok3 Fei1 Lai6
Hokkien POJKoeh Hui-lê
Tâi-lôKueh Hui-lê

Quek was a full-time Mediacorp artist from 1995 to 2001, and was ranked by local media as the 'Fourth Ah Jie' for being the fourth most prominent actress in Singapore's Chinese-language entertainment industry of that time after Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Ann Kok. She left Mediacorp after her contract expired but continues to film on an ad-hoc basis and is currently managed by Hype Records.

Early life edit

Quek was born in Malaysia to a single–parent family and was raised by her grandmother.[2] She moved to Singapore when she was seven to study.[2] While studying, Quek stayed at her mother's relatives' homes, rotating among relatives every few months.[2]

Career edit

Rise to Prominence edit

In 1995, Quek participated in Mediacorp's Star Search and won third place in the talent show.[3] She was subsequently cast in Beyond Dawn (女子监狱) for which she was awarded the Best Newcomer Award at MediaCorp's Star Awards in 1996.

Following her 'Best Newcomer' win, Quek emerged as one of the most popular actresses in Singapore's Chinese-language entertainment industry. Most notably, Quek starred as Bai Mudan in the popular television series Legend of the Eight Immortals.[3] In recognition of her popularity, local media crowned her as the Fourth Ah Jie, after Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Ann Kok[4]

In 2000, Quek starred alongside Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok and Daniel Wu in the movie, 2000 AD.[3] Through this action film, she gained exposure in the Asian media industry and was featured in the book, Singapore Cinema by Raphaël Millet.[5] Following this film, she performed as a supporting actress in a Raintree Pictures film, The Tree.

The recording of the theme song of her earlier drama, The Other Parent (妈妈先生) and Mind Games (危险人物) marked the beginning of her career as a singer. She then released her debut album, Phyllis, under Hype Records which contained primarily dance tracks and singles from the soundtrack of The Tree and Beyond The Axis Of Truth (法医X档案). Phyllis guest starred in Channel 5's crime drama series Heartlanders 2 where she played a stalked actress. Her song, 不知不觉, was featured in the series, and became a radio hit along with her other single, Freedom. However, the album did not mark the start of a longstanding music career for Phyllis and it was to remain her first and only album.

Quek's contract with Mediacorp expired in 2001[6] and she later signed with Hype Records Artiste Networks.

Venture Overseas edit

After joining Hype Records, Quek set her sights on expanding her career regionally. She made her debut in Taiwan headlining the idol drama My Fair Lady (丑女大翻身), in which she donned prosthetics to play an overweighed woman.

Throughout the 2000s, Quek starred in many regional productions from Taiwan and mainland China, including portraying the role of Yin Susu in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003 TV series) co-starring Alec Su and Alyssa Chia.

In 2009, Quek garnered recognition for her performance in Perfect Cut II. She was cast alongside Christopher Lee as the female lead in the film Kidnapper (2010).

During this period, Quek won seven Star Awards for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes.

Return to entertainment industry edit

After marrying Australian businessman David Cox in December 2012, Quek took a hiatus from showbiz.

After a seven-year absence from acting, Quek made her return in the 2017 drama Legal Eagles, portraying the role of an unscrupulous middle-aged businesswoman, Fang Hai Lun.[7]

Since then, Quek has occasionally taken on acting roles in Singapore, appearing in supporting roles in dramas like Soul Detective[8] and My One and Only.

Endorsement edit

Quek's first major endorsement deal was for Japan's Bigen Prominous hair dye in 2001. In December 2003, she was announced as Marie France Bodyline's spokesperson.

Personal life edit

Quek married Australian businessman David Cox in December 2012.[6]

Filmography edit

Film edit

Year Title Role Notes Ref
1996 Ace Cops 妙警点三八
1997 Hope 人间有梦
2000 2000 AD [3]
Born Wild 野兽之瞳
2001 The Tree
2003 Good Luck 齐鸣大吉
2009 Autumn In March Lee Siqin
2010 Kidnapper
2011 The Ultimate Winner Zhang Zhifang

Television series edit

Year Title Role Notes Ref
1996 Beyond Dawn 女子监狱
Marriage, Dollars & Sense 5C 老公 [2]
Brave New World 新阿郎 [2]
1997 Longing 悲情年代
Crimes and Tribulations - Price Of Passion 狮城奇案录之俪人巧骗
My Wife, Your Wife, Their Wives 101老婆之99朵玫瑰
The Other Parent 妈妈先生
From The Medical Files 医生档案
Dreams - Miss Freckles 七个梦
1998 Mind Games 危险人物
The New Adventures of Wisely
Legend of the Eight Immortals
1999 Lost Souls 另类佳人
PI Blues 乌龙档案
From The Medical Files 2 医生档案2
2000 On The Frontline 穿梭生死线
The Invincible Squad 迷幻特警
Adam's Company 亚当周记
2001 Devil's Blue 叛逆战队
My Fair Lady 丑女大翻身
The Hotel
2002 Sonic Youth 极速青春
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
2003 Palm Of Rulai 新如來神掌
True Heroes
A Child's Hope 孩有明天
Carry Me Fly And Walk Off 带我飞 带我走
When The Time Comes 一线之间
2004 Love Contract 爱情和约
Man At Forty 跑吧,男人!
Lover Of Herb 香草恋人馆
2005 The Scarlet Kid 红孩儿
The Little Fairy
Angel Lover 天使情人
2006 Rhapsody In Blue
2007 Live Again
City Fables - Daybreak 都市寓言之一日情
2008 Addicted To Love 都市恋人的追逐
2009 Perfect Cut II 一切完美2
2010 The Best Things in Life
2017 Legal Eagles Fang Hailun [9]
My Teacher Is a Thug Lian Jiaxuan [9]
2022 Soul Detective Yu Jiachun [6]
2023 My One and Only He Yurou

Hosting edit

  • 2009: Fashion Asia 亚洲时尚风 (Seoul)
  • 2010: Citispa Beauty Perfection 2010 Citispa完美大挑战2010

Discography edit

Singles edit

Album Track Song title Television series Theme
阳光系列2 4 只要你肯尝试 薯条 汉堡 青春豆 Main Theme
8 无价之宝 妈妈先生 Main Theme
阳光系列3 6 但愿 卫斯理传奇 Sub Theme
10 宁愿你平凡 危险人物 Main Theme
阳光系列4 1 不能没有爱 穿梭生死线 Main Theme
阳光系列6 1 分享 大酒店 Main Theme
4 仿佛 大酒店 Sub Theme
11 Freedom / 不想说 Remix
阳光系列7 11 好天气 孩有明天 Sub Theme
Phyllis 1 Freedom
2 没心情 孩子树 Sub Theme
3 Limit Of My Heart
4 着迷 迷幻特警 Sub Theme
5 阵雨
6 失去 孩子树 Main Theme
7 Enjoy
8 不想说 法医X档案 Main Theme
9 不知不觉 Heartlanders 2 Sub Theme
10 睡美人 法医X档案 Sub Theme
11 Daze 孩子树 Sub Theme
骏马奔腾庆丰年 1 气势如虹
2 大旺年
3 8方吉祥样样红
4 招财进宝 + 财神到
5 大地回春 + 除夕合家欢 + 恭喜恭喜 + 恭喜发财
6 挂红灯 + 挂彩灯
7 新年团聚
8 春暖花开喜洋洋
9 拜年
10 十二生肖走一回
11 过个快乐年
12 大拜年 + 拜天公 + 庆元宵
肥羊肥年 1 年年丰收好
2 肥羊肥年
4 同欢共乐
5 五大财神迎春来
6 春之晨
9 挂红灯 + 挂彩灯
11 富贵年年福星照: 齐唱新年好 + 大年初一头一天 + 新春大吉 + 富贵年 + 齐唱新年好
12 恭喜恭喜贺新年
An Evening With The Stars 2 Freedom
6 不想说 法医X档案 Main Theme
Unreleased - 疑惑 迷幻特警 Main Theme
- 每一天的思念 真心英雄 Sub Theme

Awards and nominations edit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref
1996 Star Awards 1996 Best Newcomer Won
1997 Star Awards 1997 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
1998 Star Awards 1998 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
1999 Star Awards 1999 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 20
2000 Star Awards 2000 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
2001 Star Awards 2001 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
2002 Star Awards 2002 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
2003 Star Awards 2003 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
2004 Star Awards 2004 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10

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