Philippine Public Safety Academy

The Philippine Public Safety Academy or PPSA, is a public safety school whose graduates are assigned as officers of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).[1]

Philippine Public Safety Academy
TypeHigher education service academy
EstablishedJune 2, 2022; 2 years ago (June 2, 2022)
DirectorJSSupt Leonalyn Oloan
Location, ,
AffiliationsDILG, PPSC, BFP, BJMP



The PPSA was created by signing Department Circular No. 2022-009 "Creation and Operationalization of Philippine Public Safety Academy (PPSA) pursuant to Republic Act No. 11279.” The Republic Act No. 11279 was an act to turn over the administration of the Philippine National Police Academy to the Philippine National Police.[1][2][3]



The PPSA offered the following courses:[1]

  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Penology and Corrections Administration

Graduating cadets are then commissioned as members of the Bureau of Fire Protection or Bureau of Jail Management and Penology carried the rank of Fire/Jail Inspector and receive appropriate commissions of their organization. The rank was equivalent to an Army and Air Force First Lieutenant or Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade.[4]

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