Party of Serbian Unity

The Party of Serbian Unity (Serbian: Странка српског јединства, romanizedStranka srpskog jedinstva; abbr. ССЈ, SSJ) was a nationalist[4] political party in Serbia, founded by Željko Ražnatović "Arkan".[5]

Party of Serbian Unity
Странка српског јединства
Stranka srpskog jedinstva
PresidentBorislav Pelević
Merged intoSerbian Radical Party
Military wingSerb Volunteer Guard (1993–96)
Political positionFar-right[1]
National Assembly
0 / 250

It is today known as the Council of Serbian Unity, restored after seceding from the Serbian Radical Party.[citation needed]

The key goals of the party were:

Following the assassination of Željko Ražnatović Arkan in 2000, Borislav Pelević became president of the party. At the last legislative election in 2003, the SSJ was a part of the For National Unity alliance, which failed to receive any seats. The SSJ merged into the Serbian Radical Party in 2007.[5]

In 2013, the party was re-founded as the Council of Serbian Unity by Pelević.[6] The new party took part in the 2014 parliamentary election as part of the Patriotic Front coalition, but failed to reach the threshold.

Electoral resultsEdit

Year Leader Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Coalition Status
1993 Željko Ražnatović 41,632
0 / 250
  0 opposition
2000 Borislav Pelević 200,052 5,33%
14 / 250
  14 opposition
2003 68,537 5,33%
0 / 250
  14 For National Unity opposition
2014 4,514 0,17%
0 / 250
  0 Patriotic Front opposition


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