Party for Democratic Action

The Party for Democratic Action[1] or Democratic Action Party[2] (Albanian: Partia për veprim demokratik, PVD; Serbian: Партија за демократско деловање/Partija za demokratsko delovanje, PDD) is an ethnic Albanian minority political party, in Serbia. Its current leader is Shaip Kamberi. At the latest legislative election in 2016, the party received one seat in parliament, a drop from its peak of two seats in 2014.

Party for Democratic Action

Partia për veprim demokratik
LeaderŠaip Kamberi
FoundedAugust 19, 1990 (1990-08-19)
IdeologyAlbanian minority interests
Albanian nationalism
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
National Assembly
1 / 250

Parliamentary representationEdit

National Assembly
Election Leader Votes Seats Role
# % # ±
2014 Riza Halimi 24,301 0.68   Coalition
2016 Riza Halimi 16,262 0.43   1 Coalition


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