Pandian Stores

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Pandian Stores is a Tamil language drama which airs on Star Vijay and streams on Hotstar. The show stars Stalin, Sujitha, Venkat Renganathan, Hema Rajkumar, Kumaran Thangarajan, V. J. Chitra, Saravana Vickram.[1][2]

Pandian Stores
Pandian Stores serial.jpg
Written byStory
Priya Thambi
Directed bySiva Sekar
Venkat Renganathan
Hema Rajkumar
Kumaran Thangarajan
V. J. Chitra
Saravana Vickram
Theme music composerKiran
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes384 as 27 March 2020
Producer(s)VENUS infotainment
Production location(s)Tamil Nadu
Editor(s)V. Shakthi
H.Syed Mohamed
Running timeapprox. 20–22 minutes per episode
Original networkStar Vijay
Original release1 October 2018 (2018-10-01) –
Related showsVaralakshmi Stores
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This story mainly focuses on the unity of a joint family after the entry of new daughters-in-law, Meena and Mullai.


Sathyamoorthy lives happily along with his brothers Jeeva, Kathir and Kannan and his caring wife Dhanalakshmi. They run a grocery store named Pandian stores which is famous in their locality. Dhanam is often criticized by her relatives for not having children repeatedly, although her brother-in-laws did not let it affect her.

Lakshmi, the brothers' mom has a brother named Murugan whom she is not in talking terms for years. Murugan's daughter Mullai desires to marry Jeeva. Murugan convinces Lakshmi to accept this marriage. However, Jeeva didn't like this idea of marriage as he is in love with collegemate Meena. Later he conveys this to his sister-in-law Dhanam. Dhanam gets offended when she tries to talk about this to Meena's father Janardhanan. Meena's father beats her up, due to this Jeeva decides to sacrifice his love and accepts Mullai's marriage proposal. On the day of wedding Meena ran off from her house and creates a scene in the marriage hall. Jeeva tells the family that he cannot marry Mullai after seeing Meena. The family was now in high tension due to this. Later, Dhanam decides to get Mullai married to Kathir, the younger brother to Jeeva. Jeeva marries Meena and Kathir, Mullai. The show focusses on the life of Pandian family after the entry of the new daughters-in-law.



  • Stalin as Sathyamoorthy Pandian ("Moorthy")
  • Sujitha Dhanush as Dhanalakshmi Sathyamoorthy ("Dhanam")
  • Venkat Renganathan as Jeevanandham Pandian ("Jeeva")
  • Hema Rajkumar as Meenakshi Jeevanandham ("Meena")
  • Kumaran Thangarajan as Kathirvelan Pandian ("Kathir")
  • V. J. Chitra as Mullai Kathirvelan ("Mullai")
  • Saravana Vickram as Kannan Pandian ("Kanna")


  • Sheela as Lakshmi Pandian: Sathyamoorthy, Jeeva, Kathir and Kannan's mother
  • Shanthi Williams as "Pillaiyar Patti" Parvathy: Mullai's mother
  • S.T.P Rosary as Muruganandham: Mullai's father, Lakshmi's brother
  • David Solomon Raja as Jaganathan (Jaga): Dhanalakshmi's brother
  • Meena Sellamuthu as Kasthuri Jaganatha: Jaga's wife
  • Sumangali as Vanitha: Dhanalakshmi's mother
  • Venkat Subha → Ravi Chandran as Janardhanan: Meena's father[3]
  • Sri Vidhya Shankar as Kalaivani Janardhanan: Meena's mother
  • Vinuja Vijay → Keerthi Vijay as Swetha Janardhanan: Meena's sister
  • Nellai Siva as Kumaresan: A friend of the Pandian family
  • Gokul Krishnan as Saravanan: A worker in Pandian Stores
  • Deepa as Selvi: Cousin of the Pandian family


The first teaser was released by Star Vijay in Youtube on 13 September 2018.[4] In December 2019, on the series completing 300 episodes, the channel celebrated the success with a show named Pandian Stores Vetri Kondatam.[5]

Speaking about creating the series director Siva Sekar said, "My vote is for the joint family. When I suggested the idea, Vijay TV, which was in fact looking our for a story on the subject agreed. The script was shaped with the help of my story and dialogue writer Priya Thambi. We are happy with the way the serial is shaping up. With the dialogue provided by the writer, I create the scenes, which only reflect real life. I was an assistant to director Vasanth Sai and know both these mediums. We are careful not to make the serial a tear-jerker. The idea is to make the viewers think. It has, if the feedback is any indication, and that is encouraging."[6]


In 2019, It was remade as Varalakshmi Stores in Kannada on Star Suvarna[7] and as Vadinamma in Telugu on Star Maa.[8] In 2020, it was remade in Marathi as Sahakutumb Sahaparivar on Star Pravah.[9]


The Indian Express quoted the series as "A simple serial with no violence, hostility, envy!".[10]


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