Osaka Broadcasting Corporation

Osaka Broadcasting Corporation (大阪放送株式会社, Osaka Hoso Kabushiki-gaisha, OBC) is an AM radio station of National Radio Network (NRN) in Osaka, Japan, and it is known as "Radio Osaka (ラジオ大阪 Rajio Osaka)". It is also a company of Sankei Shimbun Group in Fujisankei Communications Group. Radio Osaka started broadcasting on July 1, 1958.

Broadcast areaKansai region
Frequency1314 kHz; 91.9 MHz FM
First air dateJuly 1, 1958
FormatTalk, Sports
Power50,000 watts
OwnerSankei Shimbun

Offices of Radio OsakaEdit

Changing Frequency of Radio OsakaEdit

  • 1958 - 1971: 1380 kHz, 3 kW
  • 1971 - 1978: 1310 kHz, 50 kW
  • 1978–Present: 1314 kHz, 50 kW



  • Osaka - 1314 kHz, 50 kW; 91.9 MHz FM
  • Kyoto - 1314 kHz, 300W
  • Total:50.3kW to 55kW

Time signalEdit

880 Hz (A5)


  • The "OBC Song (OBCソング)" (lyrics by Akiyuki Nosaka (野坂 昭如), music by Taku Izumi (いずみ たく)) is Japan's first commercial broadcasting station's song produced in 1961.
  • The present headquarters and performance place are located on the fourth floor of the harp hall of the large-sized building "ORC200" near Bentencho Station in Benten Itchome, Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan, and the stereophonic broadcast is performed from the time transferred here.


  • Yes! This is Toshiharu Harada (ほんまもん!原田年晴です)
  • Beppin Radio (高岡美樹のべっぴんラジオ)
  • Radio Yoshimoto Genki Super (ラジオよしもとむっちゃ元気スーパー)
  • 5 up Yoshimoto Gachimori (5upよしもと ガチモリ)
  • OBC Dramatic Keiba (OBCドラマティック競馬)
  • Sankei Express News (news bulletin)
  • 1314 V-STATION, etc.
  • Programs from other radio stations via network


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