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The Order of Brilliant Jade is a civilian order of the Republic of China that can be worn only by the head of a nation. According to regulations, the order can only be presented by the president of the country or an emissary expressly dispatched to friendly nations for the conferment. The order was instituted in 1933.[1] It has a star-patterned face of inlaid jade bordered with gold and pearls. In the centre there is white sun surrounded by blue sky, the national emblem.[2] Previously, the Order of the Brilliant Jade was divided into two, namely Grand Order of Brilliant Jade (current) and Order of Brilliant Jade with nine ranks.

Order of Brilliant Jade 采玉大勳章
Order of the Brilliant Jade cordon, badge, star, medal and lapel pin
Awarded by
Commander-in-Chief Flag of the Republic of China.svg
President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Country Republic of China
TypeSingle-grade Grand Cordon
Awarded forThe President of the Republic of China and foreign heads of states
DescriptionThe medal has a star-patterned face of inlaid jade bordered with gold and pearls. The center is the "white sun in a blue sky," the national emblem of the ROC, symbolizing a tribute to the head of state internally and the strengthening of friendly ties with other countries externally.
Established22 December 1933
First awardedLin Sen
Total awarded22
Next (higher)none
Next (lower)Order of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
Order of Brilliant Jade (Taiwan) - ribbon bar.gif
Ribbon bar of the Order

Controversy and suggestions to renameEdit

The Chinese official name of the order《采玉大勳章》was claimed to be named after President Chiang Kai-Shek's mother, Wang Caiyu (王采玉)by Democratic Progressive Party members of Legislative Yuan, and there are suggestions from the pan-green coalition to rename the order to suit Taiwanese locality as "Order of Taiwan" but not passed at the Legislative Yuan as opposed by Kuomintang in April 2007. [3]


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