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Onlywomen Press (briefly known as The Women's Press[1][2]) was a feminist press based in London. It was the only feminist press to be founded by out lesbians, Lilian Mohin, Sheila Shulman, and Deborah Hart.[1] It commenced publishing in 1974 and was one of five notably active feminist publishers in the 1990s.[3][4][5]

Onlywomen Press
StatusDefunct (2010)
Founded1974; 45 years ago (1974)
FoundersLilian Mohin, Sheila Shulman, and Deborah Hart
Country of originEngland
Headquarters locationLondon
Publication typesBooks, pamphlets
Nonfiction topicsLesbian feminism and Feminist literary criticism
Fiction genresFeminist science fiction, Lesbian literature, Feminist poetry

Onlywomen was unique from other British feminist presses because it both printed and published material. This allowed them to control all parts of the "chain of cultural production"[6] and to "subsidize publishing activity"[6] by printing books.

Between 1986 and 1988 it published the journal Gossip: A Journal of Lesbian Feminist Ethics.[7][1]

Writers published in the press often read their work at Gay's the Word.[8]

A number of noted lesbian writers published by Onlywomen Press include Anna Livia, Margaret Sloan-Hunter, Jay Taverner, Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson, Sylvia Martin and Sheila Jeffreys.

Its last book, a children's book, was published in 2010.[3]


Works publishedEdit


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  • Forbes, Caroline (1985). The Needle on Full: Lesbian Feminist Science Fiction. ISBN 978-0906500194.
  • Klepfisz, Irena (1985). Different Enclosures: The Poetry and Prose of Irena Klepfisz. ISBN 9780906500170.
  • Livia, Anna (1986). Incidents Involving Warmth: A Collection of Lesbian Feminist Love Stories.
  • Dorcey, Mary (1989). A Noise from the Woodshed. ISBN 9780906500309.
  • Livia, Anna; Mohin, Lilian (1989). The Pied Piper: Lesbian Feminist Fiction. ISBN 9780906500293.
  • Duncker, Patricia, ed. (1990). In and Out of Time: Lesbian Feminist Fiction. ISBN 9780906500378.
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  • Dykewomon, Elana (2000). Beyond the Pale: A Novel. ISBN 9780906500637.





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