Once Upon a Time... The Discoverers

Il était une fois... les Découvreurs (English, Once Upon a Time... The Discoverers) is a French animated TV series from 1994, as part of the Once Upon a Time... franchise. It was directed by Albert Barillé. The show aired in the United States on the History Channel starting in April 1995.[1]

Once Upon a Time... The Discoverers
Created byAlbert Barillé
Developed byProcidis
Voices ofRoger Carel
Olivier Destrez
Marie-Laure Beneston
Patrick Préjean
Sady Rebbot
Country of originFrance
No. of episodes26
Running time26 minutes
Original networkFrance 3
Original release1994 (1994)


  1. The Chinese, our Ancestors
  2. Archimedes and the Greek
  3. Hero of Alexandria
  4. The Measuring of Time
  5. Henry the Navigator and Cartography
  6. Johannes Gutenberg and Printing
  7. Leonardo da Vinci, a Jack-of-all-trades
  8. The Doctors (Paracelsus, Andreas Vesalius, Ambroise Paré, etc.)
  9. Galileo Galilei
  10. Isaac Newton
  11. Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (Discovering the Past)
  12. Antoine Lavoisier and Chemistry
  13. George Stephenson, Full Steam Ahead!
  14. Michael Faraday and Electricity
  15. Charles Darwin and Evolution
  16. Gregor Mendel and Peas
  17. Louis Pasteur and Micro-organisms
  18. Thomas Edison and Applied Science
  19. Guglielmo Marconi and Sound Waves
  20. Henry Ford and the Adventure of Motorcar
  21. Aviation (Otto Lilienthal, Wright brothers, etc.)
  22. Marie Curie
  23. Albert Einstein
  24. Konrad Lorenz, Father of the Geese
  25. Neil Armstrong, the Moon and the Space
  26. Tomorrow?

Broadcast informationEdit

Country Television broadcasts
  France France 3 * Canal+ *
  Canada CBC Television, Télévision de Radio-Canada
  Spain Televisión Española (TVE) *
  Germany WDR *, SWF *
  Austria ORF
  Italy Italia 1 *, Cartoon Network
  Greece ERT Cine+
  Indonesia STOON (Indonesia) *, STOON I
  Switzerland TSR (French) *, RTSI (Italian) *
  Belgium RTBF
  Poland Telewizja Polska (TVP), TV Puls
  Portugal RTP
  Sweden Sveriges Television (SVT)
  Finland Yle *
  Hungary Magyar Televízió, Minimax, Da Vinci Learning
  Republic of Ireland RTÉ
  United States of America PBS
  Iceland Sjónvarpið
  Israel Logi
  Russia Culture
  Serbia RTS

* Contributing co-producer

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