Offspring Entertainment

Offspring Entertainment is a production company owned by producers Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot. The company was established by the siblings in 2004 after their work together on the film The Wedding Planner, which Gibgot produced and Shankman directed.

Offspring Entertainment
Film Production Company
IndustryMotion pictures
FounderAdam Shankman
Jennifer Gibgot

Offspring Entertainment, in addition to several feature films on the development slate, has a deal with Warner Bros Television and Warner Horizon, and are currently developing television series and events for both network and cable.[1][2] In the past they have had first look development deals with New Line Cinema and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Prior to opening Offspring Entertainment, Shankman was Hollywood's go-to choreographer and Gibgot worked with Tapestry Films. Gibgot got her start as a producer at Tapestry Films where she produced romantic comedy favorites The Wedding Planner and She's All That. Shankman got his start as a dancer and choreographer, teaching movie stars and television stars how to dance before branching into directing and producing.[3][4]



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