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Oda of Brabant (also called Oda of Anderlues; 1134–1158) was a Belgian prioress of the 12th century, commonly revered as a saint.

Oda of Brabant
Anderlues, Belgium
Died1158 (aged 23–24)
Rivroelles, Belgium
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Feast20 April


Oda was born to a noble family from the Brabant region of Belgium. In order to avoid an arranged marriage to a young nobleman, she disfigured her face. Her family then allowed her to follow the religious vocation she desired. She became a Premonstratensian nun at Rivroelles, eventually becoming prioress there.[1]


Although Oda's cultus has never been formally confirmed, popular devotion continues. Her feast day is 20 April.[1]


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