Obio-Akpor is a Local Government Area[1] in the metropolis of Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is one of the major centres of economic activities in Nigeria, and one of the major cities of the Niger Delta region, with industries and companies like Pabod Breweries, Coca-Cola Company, Indomie Company and Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company.[2]

Obio-Akpor is located in Nigeria
Obio-Akpor is located in Africa
Coordinates: 4°49′56″N 6°59′12″E / 4.83222°N 6.98667°E / 4.83222; 6.98667
StateRivers State
Date created3 May 1989
 • Local Government ChairmanAriolu C. George (PDP)
 • Deputy Local Government ChairmanChinyere Agbara (PDP)
 • Governing BodyObio-Akpor Local Government Council
 • MHAsMartins Amaewhule (PDP)
Michael O. Chinda (PDP)
 • Total100 sq mi (260 km2)
 • Total464,789
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)
ZIP code

The city covers 260 km2 (100 sq mi) and at the 2006 Census held a population of 464,789. Its postal code or ZIP code is 500102. Obio-Akpor has its secretariat and City hall at Rumuodomaya.

Obio-Akpor is constituted mainly by the people of the Ikwerre ethnic nationality.

Obio-Akpor is also known for fisheries and aquaculture.[3]



Obio-Akpor is bounded by Port Harcourt (local government area) to the south, Oyigbo and Eleme to the east, Ikwerre and Etche to the north, and Emohua to the west. It is located between latitudes 4°45'N and 4°60'N and longitudes 6°50'E and 8°00'E.[4]

Obio-Akpor, is popularly known as the gateway city, because of its location. It has a land area of approximately 311.71 km2 (120.35 sq mi) and shares boundaries with Emohua, Ikwerre, Etche, Oyigbo, Eleme, Okirika, Port Harcourt Local Government Area of Rivers State and accessible by road, sea, and air transportation.

Specifically, there are four prominent Ikwerre Kingdoms that constitute the Local Government Areas, which are: Akpor, Apara, Evo and Rumueme Kingdoms. It also has an average of 2.82% growth rate which puts the population of the Local Government Area as at 2004 to be over 500,000 people.



In Obio-Akpor, rainfall is almost predictable and follows sequence of increase towards the months of July–August before decreasing in the months of November–February.[5][6]

The month of December ushers in a relatively dry weather. This climatic condition is associated with sunshine and dry Harmattan wind. This climatic condition persists throughout the month of December and in the early weeks of January.

Geology and relief


Covering around 90 sq mi (230 km2), Obio-Akpor is generally a lowland area with average elevation below 30 metres above sea level.[citation needed] Its geology comprises basically of alluvial sedimentary basin and basement complex. The thick mangrove forest, raffia palms and light rainforest are the major types of vegetation. Due to high rainfall, the soil in the area is usually sandy or sandy loam. It is always leached, underlain by a layer of impervious pan.[citation needed]

Localities, towns and suburbs


The following localities, townships and suburbs, are within Obio-Akpor:

  • Alakahia
  • Atali
  • Ada-George Road
  • Awalama
  • Choba
  • Egbelu
  • Elelenwo
  • Eligbam
  • Elimgbu
  • Elioparanwo
  • Eliozu
  • Eneka
  • Eligbolo
  • Iriebe
  • Mgbuesilaru
  • Mgbuoba
  • Mgbuosimini
  • Mpakurche
  • Nkpa
  • Nkpelu
  • Ogbogoro
  • Oginigba
  • Oro-Igwe
  • Oroazi
  • Ozuoba
  • Rukpakwolusi
  • Rukpokwu
  • Rumuadaolu
  • Rumuaghaolu
  • Rumualogu
  • Rumuchiorlu
  • Rumudara
  • Rumudogo
  • Rumuekini
  • Rumuekwe
  • Rumueme
  • Rumuepirikom
  • Rumuesara
  • Rumuewhara
  • Rumuibekwe
  • Rumuigbo
  • Rumukalagbor
  • Rumunduru
  • Rumuobiokani
  • Rumuogba
  • Rumuokparali
  • Rumuolumeni
  • Rumuobochi
  • Rumuodomaya
  • Rumuoji
  • Rumuokoro
  • Rumuokwu
  • Rumuokwachi
  • Rumuokwuota
  • Rumuokwurusi
  • Rumuola
  • Rumuolukwu
  • Rumuomasi
  • Rumuomoi
  • Rumuosi
  • Rumuoto
  • Rumurolu
  • Rumuwaji
  • Rumuwegwu
  • Trans Amadi
  • Woji



Obio-Akpor is one of the 8 local government areas that formed the Rivers East senatorial district. It consists of 17 electoral wards administered by the Obio-Akpor City Council. The council comprises the Mayor who is the chief executive of the city, and other elected members who are referred to as councillors. The Mayor is normally elected. However, under special circumstances, can be appointed. He or she has the duty to oversee the activities of the city, and preside over meetings of the council.

Main Gate, OBALGA


  • Choba (ward)
  • Elelenwo (3b)
  • Oro-Igwe (ward)
  • Ozuoba-Ogbogoro
  • Rukpokwu (ward)
  • Rumueme (7a)
  • Rumueme (7b)
  • Rumueme (7c)
  • Rumuigbo (8a)
  • Rumukwuta (8b)
  • Rumuodara (ward)
  • Rumuodomaya (3a)
  • Rumuokoro (ward)
  • Rumuokwu (2b)
  • Rumuolumeni (ward)
  • Rumuomasi (ward)
  • Woji (ward)



To date, only 7 individuals have served as Mayors of Obio-Akpor city council. The list below does not include persons who have served as either a caretaker committee chairman or an administrator. For that information, see list of chairmen and caretaker committee chairmen of Obio-Akpor.

Admin Block, OBALGA

List of chairmen:

# Name Position Took office Left office Comments
1 B.A. Worgu chairman May 1989 July 1989 Engineer
2 Ndumati Lawson Ndu chairman January 1991 June 1991 Chief
3 O.T. Weli chairman July 1991 June 1993 Engineer
4 L.W. Chukwu chairman April 1995 April 1996 JP
5 Freddy N.W. Ichegbo chairman April 1996 April 1997 Hon.
6 Ezenwo Nyesom Wike chairman 1999 2002 Chief Barr.
7 Ezenwo Nyesom Wike chairman April 2004 June 2007 Chief Barr.
8 Timothy E. Nsirim chairman April 2008 April 2011
9 Timothy E. Nsirim chairman May 2011 November 2013 Hon.



Colleges and universities


Notable colleges and universities include:-

Primary and secondary schools


The region is home to several public and private schools for both elementary and secondary education. Below is a listing of schools operating in the local government area including those managed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Port Harcourt:



Obio-Akpor is one of the major hubs for media in Rivers State.[citation needed] Elelenwo is the location of Radio Rivers 99.1, the first government-owned FM radio station in the state, and the second FM radio station to launch in Nigeria. Also headquartered in the neighbourhood is Rivers State Television whose signal is received in parts of nine states.

In October 2003, DAAR Communications Plc launched its radio and television stations which are transmitted from Choba.[11]

In 2008, Pidgin English radio station Wazobia FM 94.1 began broadcasting from its studios in Rumuosi.[12]

Still in 2008, Multimesh Group established The Family Love FM radio station transmitting from Rumuogba.[13]

Notable people



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