West Africa Time

Time zones of Africa:
 -01:00  Cape Verde Time[a]
 ±00:00  Greenwich Mean Time
 +01:00  West Africa Time
 +03:00  East Africa Time
a The islands of Cape Verde are to the west of the African mainland.
b Mauritius and the Seychelles are to the east and north-east of Madagascar respectively.

West Africa Time, or WAT, is a time zone used in west-central Africa.[1] West Africa Time is one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+01:00), which makes it the same as Central European Time (CET) during winter, or Western European Summer Time (WEST) and British Summer Time (BST) during the summer.

As most of this time zone is in the tropical region, there is little change in day length throughout the year, so daylight saving time is not observed.

West Africa Time is the time zone for the following countries:

Far west AfricaEdit

Countries west of Benin (except Morocco and Western Sahara above) are in the UTC±0 time zone. Civil time in most of these countries is defined with reference to Greenwich Mean Time[citation needed] (nowadays an alias for UTC±0 than an independent reference).


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