Eleme, Rivers

Eleme is a local government area in Rivers State, Nigeria. It is part of the Port Harcourt metropolitan city. It covers an area of 138 km2 and at the 2006 Census had a population of 190,884. The Eleme people are Eleme's main indigenous ethnic group.

StateRivers State
Date created1996
 • TypeLocal Government
 • Local Government chairmanHon Barr Philip Okparaji
 • Total53 sq mi (138 km2)
 • Total190,884
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

The Eleme language, of the Ogonoid group of the Cross-River branch of the large Niger-Congo language family,[1] is the main spoken language.[2]

Eleme has two of Nigeria's four, as of 2005, petroleum refineries and one of Nigeria's busiest sea ports and the largest sea port in West Africa located at Onne, a famous town with numerous industries.[3]


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