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This article is about the magazine. For the TV show, see O Jogo (2003 Brazilian TV series).

O Jogo
O Jogo.gif
Front page of O Jogo from 22 May 2008
TypeDaily Sports newspaper
Owner(s)Global Media Group
Founded22 February 1985; 34 years ago (1985-02-22)
Circulation28,900 (2010)
WebsiteO Jogo

O Jogo (English: The Game) is a Portuguese daily sport newspaper published in Porto, Portugal.


History and profileEdit

O Jogo was first published on 22 February 1985 by the Jornal de Notícias company in Porto, and it is seen as appealing mainly to supporters of FC Porto,[1][2] being publicly criticized by Benfica,[3][4] suppressing the gap of the two other national sports newspapers, A Bola and Record. O Jogo has also a Lisbon edition.

O Jogo is published in tabloid format.[5] The paper was sold in 1995 to Lusomundo Media subsidiary Jornalinveste,[1] which was later absorbed into Controlinveste in 2005 after Lusomundo Media merged with Olivedesportos, before renaming itself as Global Media Group in 2015.


The circulation of O Jogo was 34,837 copies in 2002, 40,677 copies in 2003 and 49,809 copies in 2004.[6] The circulation of the paper was 44,878 copies in 2005, 41,473 copies in 2006 and 35,976 copies in 2007.[6] Its 2010 circulation was 28,900 copies.[7]

Player of the YearEdit

Player Club
2017   Yacine Brahimi Porto

Teams of the YearEdit


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