Nteng language

Nteng is a West Chadic language spoken in Plateau State, Nigeria. Nteng is spoken in the villages of Nteng, Geer, Ɗok, Kelaghal, Lool, Kwaki, Jekmorop, and Gorom, with Gorom being a primarily Bwal-speaking village.[1] Roger Blench (2017) estimates that there are 2,000 speakers as of 2017.

Native toNigeria
RegionPlateau State
Native speakers
2,000 (2017)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nqt

Although Nteng is most closely related to the Pan cluster of languages, it has also been influenced by Mushere.[2]

Geographical distributionEdit

Nteng is spoken in Nteng village and seven other villages of Qua'an Pan Local Government Area, Plateau State, Nigeria. Besides Nteng village, the other Nteng-speaking villages are Gyeer, Ɗoop, Kelaghan, Loon, Kwakii, Zhep Morop, and Gorom. (Gorom is the only village that is currently listed in maps; Gorom is also predominant a Bwall-speaking village.) Some village names and their phonetic pronunciations in IPA:[2]

Name IPA
Ɗoop ɗɔ̄ ɔ́p
Gorom ɡɔ́ɾɔ̄m
Gyeer ɡʲɛ̄ ɛ́ɾ
Kәlaghan kә̄lɑ̄ɣɑ̄n
Kwakii kʷɑ̄ːkīː
Loon lɔ́ːn
Zhep Morop ʒɛ̀pmɔ̄ɾɔ̄p


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