Northfield Parish, New Brunswick

Northfield is a civil parish in Sunbury County, New Brunswick, Canada.[2]

Location within Sunbury County, New Brunswick
Location within Sunbury County, New Brunswick
Coordinates: 46°13′00″N 65°59′59″W / 46.216667°N 65.999722°W / 46.216667; -65.999722
Country Canada
Province New Brunswick
 • Land303.77 km2 (117.29 sq mi)
 • Total620
 • Density2.0/km2 (5/sq mi)
 • Change 2011-2016
Decrease 3.6%
 • Dwellings
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (ADT)

For governance purposes it is divided between the village of Minto and the local service district of the parish of Northfield,[3] both of which are members of Regional Service Commission 11 (RSC11).[4]

Origin of nameEdit

William F. Ganong states that the parish was named for its position in the county.[5] The origin may be simpler, as Northfield was the northern polling district of Sheffield Parish before it was erected.[6]


Northfield was erected in 1857 from Sheffield Parish.[7]


Northfield Parish is bounded:[2][8][9][10]

  • on the northeast by the Northumberland County line, beginning at a point about 2.6 kilometres northwesterly of Cains River, then running southeasterly;
  • on the southeast by the Queens County line;
  • on the southwest by a line beginning on the Queens County line about 2 kilometres southwesterly of the Minto Dump Road, then running north-northwesterly along the prolongation of the eastern line of a grant to S. B. Corey on the northern side of Route 10 in New Zion, passing about 500 metres west of Colwell Street, to the Maugerville Parish line about 300 metres northwesterly of the mouth of Barton Brook;
  • on the northwest by the prolongation of the southeastern line of a grant to Nathaniel Underhill and D. Palmer Jr. on the Saint John River, about 225 metres upstream of the foot of Middle Island, running northeasterly to the starting point.


Communities at least partly within the parish;[8][9][10] bold indicates an incorporated municipality

Bodies of waterEdit

Bodies of water[a] at least partly in the parish:[8][9][10]

  • North Forks Stream
  • Doherty Creek
  • Newcastle Creek
  • Salmon Creek
  • Dorsey Lake
  • Jehu Lake


Parish population total does not include portion within Minto

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  1. ^ Not including brooks, ponds or coves.


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Coordinates: 46°13′0″N 65°59′59″W / 46.21667°N 65.99972°W / 46.21667; -65.99972 (Northfield Parish, New Brunswick)