North of 60

North of 60 is a 1990s Canadian television drama depicting life in the sub-Arctic northern boreal forest (north of 60° north latitude, hence the title). It first aired on CBC Television in 1992 and was syndicated around the world. It is set in the fictional community of Lynx River, a primarily Native-run town depicted as being in the Dehcho Region, Northwest Territories.

North of 60
North of 60
Created byBarbara Samuels
Wayne Grigsby
StarringTina Keeper
Tracey Cook
Tom Jackson
Robert Bockstael
Gordon Tootoosis
Jimmy Herman
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes90
plus 5 made for TV movies between 1999 and 2005
Running time45 minutes per episode
Production company(s)SEVEN24 Films
Original networkCBC Television
Original release3 December 1992 –
18 December 1997

Most of the characters were Dene. Some non-native characters had important roles: the restaurant/motel owner, the band manager, the nurse and (during the show's first season) the town's main RCMP officer. The show explored themes of Native poverty, alcoholism, cultural preservation, conflict over land settlements, and natural resource exploitation.

Originally somewhat light-hearted (a CBC response to the very successful Northern Exposure on CBS), it quickly became a more ponderous dramatic series.


Starring in the series were Tina Keeper as RCMP Constable, later Corporal, Michelle Kenidi, Tracey Cook as Sarah Birkett (nurse during first year), Tom Jackson as Peter Kenidi (band chief in first year, Michelle's brother), Gordon Tootoosis as Albert Golo (bootlegger, then band chief), Dakota House as Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia (teen trouble-maker, then band chief), Lubomir Mykytiuk as Gerry Kisilenko (restaurant/motel owner/justice of the peace), Jimmy Herman as Joe Gomba (elder) and Simon R. Baker as Charlie Muskrat. Adam Beach and Tantoo Cardinal also starred. Elsie Tsa Che (Wilma Pelly) was a fan favorite, playing Teevee's grandmother, a community elder. John Oliver led the cast as Corporal Eric Olsen during the show's first two seasons and entered into an off-screen relationship with co-star Keeper; he left the show when his relationship with Keeper soured. Keeper subsequently became the show's lead actor for the remainder of its run. Oliver was replaced by Robert Bockstael as Corporal Brian Fletcher, who was replaced later by Peter Kelly Gaudreault as Constable James Harper.

One of the stars was Michael Horse, as Andrew One Sky, previously best known for his portrayal of Tonto in the 1981 film The Legend of the Lone Ranger. Tom Jackson also performed as Billy Twofeathers on Shining Time Station.

List of charactersEdit

Character Actor Seasons Summary
Michelle Kenidi Tina Keeper 1-6 RCMP officer, sister of Peter Kenidi band chief.
Eric Olsen John Oliver 1-2 RCMP officer, who transfers to Lynx River after losing his partner.
Sarah Birkett Tracey Cook 1-6 Nurse and treatment center therapist.
Peter Kenidi Tom Jackson 1-6 Brother of RCMP officer Michele and band chief; has a son with his wife Ellen.
Albert Golo Gordon Tootoosis 1-6 Bootlegger and former band chief.
Brian Fletcher Robert Bockstael 3-5 RCMP officer, who replaces Eric Olsen.
Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia Dakota House 1-6 Town trouble maker who becomes a portable sawmill operator, then band chief. He has a daughter with his girlfriend Bertha.
Bertha Kizha Lori Lea Okemow 1-6 Teevee's girlfriend.
Lois Tenia Willene Tootoosis 1-6 Teevee's mother and daughter of Elsie Tsa Che.
Gerry Kisilenko Lubomir Mykytiuk 1-6 A non-First Nations resident, store and motel owner.
Elsie Tsa Che Wilma Pelly 1-6 Elder and medicine woman, also raised her granddaughter, Marie Tenia, and grandson, TeeVee, to whom she often provides guidance. Her daughter Lois Tenia also lives with her.
Harris Miller Timothy Webber 1-6 One of the few non-First Nations residents of Lynx River; band manager and works closely with Peter Kenedi. He later marries Lois Tenia.
Rosie Deela Tina Louise Bomberry 1-6 Married to Leon with three kids, has a history of severe alcoholism. Works as a waitress/clerk in Gerry's store and restaurant.
Leon Deela Erroll Kinistino 1-6 Rosie's husband and an expert construction worker, with a history of severe alcoholism.
Ellen Kenidi Renae Morriseau 1-5 Peter's wife and a social worker.
Joe Gomba Jimmy Herman 1-6 An expert tracker and hunter.
Hannah Kenidi Selina Hanuse 1-4 Michelle's daughter, who moves to Calgary in Season 2.
Nathan Golo Michael P. Obey 1-6 Albert's smartest son.
Joey Small Boat Mervin Good Eagle 1-6 A Lynx River teenager.
William MacNeil Nathaniel Arcand 3-6 A young man from outside of Lynx River who's usually looking for trouble.
Rosemary Fletcher Julie Stewart 4-5 Brian Fletcher's wife.
Andrew One Sky Michael Horse 4-6 A psychologist who befriends Michelle after a tragic incident.
Charlie Muskrat Simon R. Baker 4-6 A young boy whom Michelle Kenidi takes into her home when his mother is unable to properly care for him.
Sylvie LeBret Michelle Thrush 1,5-6 Peter's love interest in later seasons
James Harper Peter Kelly Gaudreault 5-6 RCMP officer, who replaces Brian Fletcher


The series ran weekly until 1997.


After the end of filming on the series, a series of telemovies were made. From 1999 through 2005 there were five made-for-TV films featuring various members of the show's recurring cast. These movies include In The Blue Ground (1999), Trial by Fire (2000), Dream Storm (2001), Another Country (2003), and Distant Drumming (2005).


A soundtrack album was produced in 1994, including theme music, background music and songs performed by Tom Jackson and others.

This series was filmed in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Its provincial park appears in many episodes as well as the television films.

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