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The North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (NEAS) is an NHS foundation trust responsible for providing NHS ambulance services in North East England. NEAS is headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne. The service provides emergency medical services to the entireties of Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Northumberland, as well as to the area of the former county of Cleveland in North Yorkshire. NEAS was formed on 1 July 2006, following the merger of the existing North East Ambulance Service with the Tees division of the Tees, East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service (TENYAS). Northumbria Ambulance Service and County Durham Ambulance Service had previously merged on 1 April 1999.[1]

North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
TypeNHS foundation trust
Established1 July 2006
HeadquartersNewcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
Region servedNorth East England
Area size3,200 square miles
Population2.6 million
ChairPeter Strachan
Chief executiveHelen Ray
Staff2,635 (2019/20)[1] Edit this at Wikidata

It is one of ten Ambulance Trusts providing England with emergency medical services, receiving direct government funding for its role. NEAS also provides patient transport services (PTS), or non-emergency services, to patients in the area.


NEAS was one of four trusts in the country to receive a "good" rating in the 2006/7 Healthcare Commission Healthcheck[2] report. This was the highest rating achieved by any ambulance service for provision of care.

Between April and October 2013, the service recorded 10,072 "incidents" in which handovers to hospital accident and emergency departments had taken longer than 30 minutes and 499 which took longer than one hour resulting in penalty fines of approximately £250,000 for the service.[3]

In 2018, the trust said it would need to recruit 100 more paramedics in order to meet new ambulance performance targets.[4]

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Locations and dispatch desk areasEdit

The main trust HQ is currently based in Newburn Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne.

There are two control rooms currently operating for NEAS, one at the Newcastle upon Tyne HQ and one in Hebburn. 999 emergency calls and NHS 111 urgent care calls are answered by call takers at both sites.

North East Ambulance Service are split into three divisions or dispatch desk areas. These are the NEAS ambulance stations including the dispatch desk they would come under in the control room.

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