North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region

The North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region is one of two autonomous regions in Nicaragua. It was created along with the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region by the Autonomy Statute of 7 September 1987 through a division of the former Zelaya Department. It covers an area of 33,106 km2 and has a population of 541,189 (2021 estimate). It is the largest autonomous region or department in Nicaragua. The capital is Puerto Cabezas. It contains part of the region known as the Mosquito Coast.

North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region
Región Autónoma de la Costa Caribe Norte
Flag of the North Caribbean Autonomous Region
Coat of arms of North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region
Location of the North Caribbean Autonomous Region in Nicaragua.
Coordinates: 14°01′41″N 83°22′51″W / 14.02806°N 83.38083°W / 14.02806; -83.38083
CapitalPuerto Cabezas
Largest cityPuerto Cabezas
SeatPuerto Cabezas
 • TypeDevolved government under presidential republic
 • BodyRegional Council
 • Regional Coordinator (Governor)TBDL leader (FSLN)
 (2021 estimate)[1]
 • Total541,189
Regional Council47 councilors
National Assembly2 deputies (of 92)[citation needed]

The North Autonomous Caribbean Coast has a Regional Council of representatives of different political parties, such as the Sandinistas (FSLN) and YATAMA (ethnic indigenous party), as well as all the municipalities. They hold sessions in an Assembly in Puerto Cabezas.

The North Autonomous Caribbean Coast, in addition to Mestizos, contains populations from different indigenous groups, including the Miskitos, Mayangnas, and others. Regional official languages are Creole (Miskito Coast Creole and Rama Cay Creole), Miskito, Sumo (Mayangna and Ulwa), Garifuna, and Rama, in addition to the national official language of Spanish, most males in Puerto Cabezas speak some English from when it was a US fruit plantation.

Municipalities edit

The RACCN contains eight municipalities:

  1. Bonanza
  2. Mulukukú
  3. Prinzapolka
  4. Puerto Cabezas
  5. Rosita
  6. Siuna
  7. Waslala
  8. Waspam

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