North American Figure Skating Championships

The North American Figure Skating Championships were a former elite figure skating competition for skaters from the United States and Canada. It was a biennial (every two years) competition held between 1923 and 1971, with locations alternating between the two countries.


Although the event was classified as an "international competition" under International Skating Union rules, it was actually a cooperative venture between the United States Figure Skating Association and the Canadian Figure Skating Association,[1] which both had their roots in a former organization called the Ice Skating Union of America. The latter organization had sponsored competitions open to skaters of both countries as early as 1913.

The 1943 competition was cancelled due to World War II and the 1945 competition included ladies single skating only. Ice dance was included for the first time in 1947.

The competition was discontinued when the Canadian federation abruptly cancelled its participation in the 1973 event, which was to have been held in Rochester, New York. The CFSA cited problems with the judging (which tended to favor the skaters of whichever country had a majority of judges on the panel) and the reluctance of top skaters from both countries to participate in an event immediately before the World Figure Skating Championships. In fact, the CFSA was at that time already planning to hold its own international competition, the first Skate Canada International, in the fall of 1973. This event would be open to skaters from all ISU member countries and use international judges. The USFSA established its own international competition, Skate America, in the fall of 1979.



Men's medalists[2][3][4]
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1923   Ottawa   Sherwin Badger   Melville Rogers ?
1925   Boston   Melville Rogers   Nathaniel Niles no other competitors
1927   Toronto   Melville Rogers   Sherwin Badger   Montgomery Wilson
1929   Boston   Montgomery Wilson   Roger Turner   Frederick Goodridge
1931   Ottawa   Montgomery Wilson   James Madden   Gail Borden
1933   New York City   Montgomery Wilson   J. Lester Madden   Robin Lee
1935   Montreal   Montgomery Wilson   Robin Lee   J. Lester Madden
1937   Boston   Montgomery Wilson   Roger Turner   Ralph McCreath
1939   Toronto   Montgomery Wilson   Robin Lee   Ralph McCreath
1941   Philadelphia   Ralph McCreath   Eugene Turner   William Grimditch
1947   Ottawa   Dick Button   James Grogan   Wallace Diestelmeyer
1949   Philadelphia   Dick Button   James Grogan   Hayes Alan Jenkins
1951   Calgary   Dick Button   James Grogan   Hayes Alan Jenkins
1953   Cleveland   Hayes Alan Jenkins   Peter Firstbrook   Ronnie Robertson
1955   Regina, Saskatchewan   Hayes Alan Jenkins   David Jenkins   Charles Snelling
1957   Rochester, New York   David Jenkins   Charles Snelling   Tim Brown
1959   Toronto   Donald Jackson   Tim Brown   Robert Brewer
1961   Philadelphia   Donald Jackson   Bradley Lord   Gregory Kelley
1963   Vancouver   Donald McPherson   Thomas Litz   Scott Allen
1965   Rochester, New York   Gary Visconti   Scott Allen   Donald Knight
1967   Montreal   Donald Knight   Scott Allen   Gary Visconti
1969   Oakland, California   Tim Wood   Jay Humphry   John Misha Petkevich
1971   Peterborough, Ontario   John Misha Petkevich   Toller Cranston   Ken Shelley


Ladies' medalists[2][3][4]
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1923   Ottawa   Theresa Weld Blanchard   Beatrix Loughran   Dorothy Jenkins
1925   Boston   Beatrix Loughran   Cecil Smith   Theresa Weld Blanchard
1927   Toronto   Beatrix Loughran   Constance Wilson   Cecil Smith
1929   Boston   Constance Wilson   Maribel Vinson   Suzanne Davis
1931   Ottawa   Constance Wilson   Elizabeth Fisher   Mrs. Frederick Secord
1933   New York City   Constance Wilson-Samuel   Cecil Gooderham   Suzanne Davis
1935   Montreal   Constance Wilson-Samuel   Maribel Vinson   Suzanne Davis
1937   Boston   Maribel Vinson   Veronica Clarke   Eleanor O'Meara
1939   Toronto   Mary Rose Thacker   Joan Tozzer   Norah McCarthy
1941   Philadelphia   Mary Rose Thacker   Eleanor O'Meara   Norah McCarthy
1945   New York City   Barbara Ann Scott   Gretchen Merrill   Janette Ahrens
1947   Ottawa   Barbara Ann Scott   Janette Ahrens   Yvonne Sherman
1949   Philadelphia   Yvonne Sherman   Marlene Smith   Virginia Baxter
1951   Calgary   Sonya Klopfer   Suzanne Morrow   Tenley Albright
1953   Cleveland   Tenley Albright   Carol Heiss   Barbara Gratton
1955   Regina, Saskatchewan   Tenley Albright   Carol Heiss   Patricia Firth
1957   Rochester, New York   Carol Heiss   Carole Jane Pachl   Joan Schenke
1959   Toronto   Carol Heiss   Lynn Finnegan   Nancy Heiss
1961   Philadelphia   Laurence Owen   Wendy Griner   Sonia Snelling
1963   Vancouver   Wendy Griner   Petra Burka   Shirra Kenworthy
1965   Rochester, New York   Petra Burka   Peggy Fleming   Valerie Jones
1967   Montreal   Peggy Fleming   Valerie Jones   Tina Noyes
1969   Oakland, California   Janet Lynn   Karen Magnussen   Linda Carbonetto
1971   Peterborough, Ontario   Karen Magnussen   Janet Lynn   Suna Murray


Pairs medalists[2][3][4]
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1923   Ottawa   Dorothy Jenkins / A.G. McClennan   Theresa Weld Blanchard / Nathaniel Niles   Channing Frothingham / Charles Rotch
1925   Boston   Theresa Weld Blanchard / Nathaniel Niles   Gladys Rogers / Melville Rogers no other competitors
1927   Toronto   Marion McDougall / Chauncey Bangs   Theresa Weld Blanchard / Nathaniel Niles   Constance Wilson / Montgomery Wilson
1929   Boston   Constance Wilson / Montgomery Wilson   Theresa Weld Blanchard / Nathaniel Niles   Maribel Vinson / Thornton Coolidge
1931   Ottawa   Constance Wilson / Montgomery Wilson   Frances Claudet / Chauncey Bangs   Beatrix Loughran / Sherwin Badger
1933   New York City   Constance Wilson-Samuel / Montgomery Wilson   Maud Smith / Jack Eastwood   Kathleen Lopdell / Donald Cruikshank
1935   Montreal   Maribel Vinson / George Hill   Constance Wilson-Samuel / Montgomery Wilson   Louise Bertram / Stewart Reburn
1937   Boston   Veronica Clarke / Ralph McCreath   Maribel Vinson / George Hill   Grace Madden / J. Lester Madden
1939   Toronto   Joan Tozzer / Bernard Fox   Norah McCarthy / Ralph McCreath   Aidrie Cruikshank / Donald Cruikshank
1941   Philadelphia   Eleanor O'Meara / Ralph McCreath   Donna Atwood / Eugene Turner   Patricia Vaeth / Jack Might
1947   Ottawa   Suzanne Morrow / Wallace Distelmeyer   Yvonne Sherman / Robert Swenning   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy
1949   Philadelphia   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Marlene Smith / Donald Gilchrist   Irene Maguire / Walter Muehlbronner
1951   Calgary   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Janet Gerhauser / John Nightingale   Jane Kirby / Donald Tobin
1953   Cleveland   Frances Dafoe / Norris Bowden   Carole Ann Ormaca / Robin Greiner   Margaret Anne Graham / Hugh Graham
1955   Regina, Saskatchewan   Frances Dafoe / Norris Bowden   Carole Ann Ormaca / Robin Greiner   Barbara Wagner / Robert Paul
1957   Rochester, New York   Barbara Wagner / Robert Paul   Maria Jelinek / Otto Jelinek   Nancy Rouillard / Ronald Ludington
1959   Toronto   Barbara Wagner / Robert Paul ? ?
1961   Philadelphia   Maria Jelinek / Otto Jelinek   Maribel Owen / Dudley Richards   Debbi Wilkes / Guy Revell
1963   Vancouver   Debbi Wilkes / Guy Revell   Gertrude DesJardins / Maurice LaFrance   Vivian Joseph / Ronald Joseph
1965   Rochester, New York   Vivian Joseph / Ronald Joseph   Cynthia Kauffman / Ronald Kauffman   Susan Huehnergard / Paul Huehnergard
1967   Montreal   Cynthia Kauffman / Ronald Kauffman   Susan Berens / Roy Wagelein   Betty Jean Lewis / Richard Gilbert
1969   Oakland, California   Cynthia Kauffman / Ronald Kauffman   JoJo Starbuck / Ken Shelley   Mary Petrie / Robert McAvoy
1971   Peterborough, Ontario   JoJo Starbuck / Ken Shelley   Melissa Militano / Mark Militano   Sandra Bezic / Val Bezic

Ice danceEdit

Ice dancing medalists[2][4]
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1947   Ottawa   Lois Waring / Walter Bainbridge   Ann Davies / Carleton Hoffner   Marcella Willis / Frank Davenport
1949   Philadelphia   Lois Waring / Walter Bainbridge   Irene Maguire / Walter Muehlbronner   Ann Davies / Carleton Hoffner
1951   Calgary   Carmel Bodel / Edward Bodel   Carol Ann Peters / Daniel Ryan   Pierette Paquin / Donald Tobin
1953   Cleveland   Carol Ann Peters / Daniel Ryan   Virginia Hoyns / Donald Jacoby   Carmel Bodel / Edward Bodel
1955   Regina, Saskatchewan   Carmel Bodel / Edward Bodel   Joan Zamboni / Roland Junso   Virginia Hoyns / William Kipp
1957   Rochester, New York   Geraldine Fenton / William McLachlan   Joan Zamboni / Roland Junso   Sharon McKenzie / Bert Wright
1959   Toronto   Geraldine Fenton / William McLachlan   Andree Jacoby / Donald Jacoby   Anne Martin / Edward Collins
1961   Philadelphia   Virginia Thompson / William McLachlan   Dona Lee Carrier / Roger Campbell   Paulette Doan / Kenneth Ormsby
1963   Vancouver   Paulette Doan / Kenneth Ormsby   Donna Mitchell / John Mitchell   Sally Schantz / Stanley Urban
1965   Rochester, New York   Lorna Dyer / John Carrell   Kristin Fortune / Dennis Sveum   Carole Forrest / Kevin Lethbridge
1967   Montreal   Lorna Dyer / John Carrell   Joni Graham / Don Phillips   Judy Schwomeyer / James Sladky
1969   Oakland, California   Donna Taylor / Bruce Lennie   Judy Schwomeyer / James Sladky   Debbie Gerken / Raymond Tiedemann
1971   Peterborough, Ontario   Judy Schwomeyer / James Sladky   Anne Millier / Harvey Millier   Mary Karen Campbell / Johnny Johns


Fours competitions were held only in the indicated years.

Fours medalists[2]
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1923   Ottawa   Elizabeth Blair, Florence Wilson, Philip H. Chrysler, C.R. Morphy ? ?
1931   Ottawa   Frances Claudet, Kathleen Lopdell, Melville Rogers, Guy Owen ?   Elizabeth Fisher
1933   New York City   Margaret Davis, Prudence Holbrook, Melville Rogers, Guy Owen   Constance Wilson-Samuel, Elizabeth Fisher, Montgomery Wilson, Hubert Sprott ?
1935   Montreal   Margaret Davis, Prudence Holbrook, Melville Rogers, Guy Owen ? ?
1937   Boston   Margaret Davis, Prudence Holbrook, Melville Rogers, Guy Owen   Naomi Slater, Aidrie Cruikshank, Jack Hose, Donald Cruikshank ?
1939   Toronto   Dorothy Caley, Hazel Caley, Ralph McCreath, Montgomery Wilson   Gillian Watson, Ruth Hall, Sandy McKechnie, Donald Gilchrist   Nettie Prantel, Marjorie Parker, Joseph Savage, George Boltres
1941   Philadelphia   Janette Ahrens, Mary Louise Premer, Robert Uppgren, Lyman Wakefield, Jr.   Therese McCarthy, Virginia Wilson, Donald Gilchrist, Michael Kirby ?
1949   Philadelphia   Janet Gerhauser, Marilyn Thomsen, Marlyn Thomsen, John Nightingale   Mary Kenner, Vera Smith, Peter Dunfield, Peter Firstbrook ?


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