Noel Santos Román, known by his stage name Noriel, is a Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter, signed to Sony Music Latin. Noriel became known after singing with Maluma on his track "Cuatro Babys" and releasing a popular album called Trap Capos: Season 1.[1][2]

Birth nameNoel Santos Román
  • Rapper
  • songwriter
Years active2012–present
LabelsSony Latin (2017–present)
Associated acts


Studio albumsEdit

  • Trap Capos: Season 1 (2016)
  • Trap Capos: Season 2 (2018)


As lead artistEdit

List of singles as lead artist, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"La Llamada"
(Noriel featuring Brytiago)
2016 Non-album singles
"Fanático del Full"
(Noriel featuring Darell, Baby Rasta and Ñengo Flow)
Trap Capos: Season 1
(Noriel featuring Anuel AA and Baby Rasta)
"Amigos y Enemigos"
"La Llamada (Remix)"
(Noriel featuring Brytiago, Darkiel, Almighty and Bryant Myers)
"Quieres Enamorarme"
(Noriel featuring Bryant Myers, Juhn and Baby Rasta)
"Me Pelea"
(Noriel featuring Baby Rasta, Lito Kirino, Miky Woodz, Juhn and Jochy)
"Como Glopeta"
(Noriel featuring Gigolo & La Exce, Miky Woodz, Juhn and Baby Angel)
"La Paso Cabrón"
(Noriel featuring Gigolo & La Exce, Falsetto & Sammy, Mike Duran and Baby Angel)
"Plo Plo"
(Noriel featuring Baby Rasta, Juanka El Problematik, Ñengo Flow and Pacho)
(Noriel featuring Alexis & Fido)
2017 Non-album singles
"Amigos y Enemigos (Remix)"
(Noriel featuring Bad Bunny and Almighty)
"Desperté Sin Ti" 23
"Doble Personalidad"
(Noriel featuring Yandel)
Trap Capos: Season 2
"Desperté Sin Ti (Remix)"
(Noriel featuring Nicky Jam and Yandel)
50 Non-album singles
"Antes y Después" 2018 Trap Capos: Season 2
"De Las 2"
(Noriel featuring Bad Bunny and Arcángel)
"No Love"
(Noriel featuring Prince Royce and Bryant Myers)
"El Juego"
(Noriel featuring Zion, Farruko, Lary Over and Jon Z)
"Soy Un Puto"
(Noriel featuring Baby Rasta)
"No Somos Ná"
(Noriel featuring Gigolo & La Exce and Bryant Myers)
"Amor Compartido"
(Noriel featuring Juhn and Farruko)
"Te Vas A Morir"
(Noriel featuring Ele A El Dominio, Miky Woodz and Jon Z)
"Porque Te Mientes"
(Noriel featuring Gadiel and Bryant Myers)
"El Problema"
"KaRma" Non-album singles
"No Somos Ná (Remix)"
(Noriel with Gigolo & La Exce and Bryant Myers featuring Alex Rose, Amenazzy & Juhn)
"KaRma (Remix)"
(Noriel featuring Darkiel, Divino, R.K.M & Ken-Y)
"No Te Hagas La Loca"
(Noriel featuring Manuel Turizo)
"Cuerpo En Venta"
(Noriel featuring Almighty, Myke Towers & Rauw Alejandro)
"Peleamos Mañana"
(Jon Z, Baby Rasta & Noriel)
(with El Alfa and Darell)
2020 89
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

As featured artistEdit

List of singles as featured artist, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album
"En El Callejon"
(Barber Viernes 13 with Lawrentis featuring Johnny Stone, Kenxiel and Noriel)
2012 Non-album singles
"Nadie Me Toca"
(Kenxiel featuring Noriel)
"Miedo a Morir"
(Kenxiel featuring Noriel and Johnny Stone)
"No Se Les Va A Dar"
(Kenxiel featuring Noriel, Lawrentis and Poulyric)
"En Su Nota"
(Santana the Golden Boy featuring Baby Rasta, Anonimus, Bryant Myers, Noriel and Brytiago)
"Los Dueños"
(Brytiago featuring Noriel, Pinto and Juhn)
"Sueños de Barrio"
(Santana the Golden Boy featuring Baby Rasta, Tempo, Noriel, Gocho, Pusho, Ñengo Flow, Jenai and Alexio)
"Vente Encima"
(Riko "El Bendecido" featuring Anonimus, Bryant Myers and Noriel)
"Ahora Me Llama (Remix)"
(Juhn featuring Miky Woodz, Bryant Myers, Anonimus, Brytiago and Noriel)
(Juhn featuring Miky Woodz, Lyan and Noriel)
"Maliante HP (Remix)"
(Benny Benni featuring Anuel AA, Farruko, Bryant Myers, Almighty, Darkiel and Nio García)
"Culpable (Remix)"
(Mike Duran featuring Anuel AA, Noriel, Darkiel, Bryant Myers and Kevin Roldán)
"De Camino A Marte (Remix)"
(Bryant Myers featuring Noriel, Juanka El Problematik, Brytiago, Almighty, Darkiel and Darell)
"Me Quieren Matar"
(Superyei featuring Kendo Kaponi, Anuel AA, Farruko, Ozuna, Juanka El Problematik, Noriel, Pacho and Cosculluela)
"Cuatro Babys"
(Maluma featuring Bryant Myers, Noriel and Juhn)
15 21 55 Trap Capos: Season 1
"Vivimos Como Capos"
(Obed featuring Noriel)
Non-album singles
"0 Sentimientos (Remix)"
(Jon Z featuring Baby Rasta, Noriel, Lyan, Darkiel and Messiah)
"Jersey (Remix)"
(Anuel AA with Sou El Flotador featuring Noriel, Brytiago, Yomo, Gotay, Miky Woodz, Tali, Lito Kirino and Darkiel)
"Rifles Prendidos"
(Pancho & Castel featuring Noriel)
"El Gatito De Mi Ex"
(Benny Benni featuring Noriel and Brytiago)
"Me Llueven 3.0"
(Bad Bunny featuring Kevin Roldán, Noriel, Bryant Myers and Almighty)
(Dayme & El High featuring Kevin Roldán, Noriel and Gaviria)
"Puerta Abierta"
(Juhn featuring Bad Bunny and Noriel)
"Por Dinero"
(Casper Mágico featuring Kendo Kaponi, Miky Woodz and Noriel)
"Yo También"
(Arcángel featuring Noriel, Bryant Myers, Pusho, Anonimus and Gotay)
"Me Mata"
(Bad Bunny with DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz featuring Arcángel, Almighty, Bryant Myers, Baby Rasta, Noriel and Brytiago)
(Amenazzy featuring Noriel)
"Bajen Pa' Ca"
(Bryant Myers featuring Noriel)
(Sinfónico featuring Darell, Miky Woodz, Noriel and Maximus Wel)
(Andy Rivera featuring Noriel)
"Bebé de Papá"
(Amarion featuring Noriel and Alexio)
(Dayme & El High featuring Kevin Roldán, Noriel, Baby Rasta and Gaviria)
"Escapate Conmigo (Remix)"
(Wisin with Ozuna featuring Bad Bunny, Noriel, Almighty, Arcángel and De La Ghetto)
"Banda de Camión (Remix)"
(El Alfa El Jefe featuring Noriel, Bryant Myers, Farruko, Zion, De La Ghetto and Villano Sam)
"Puerto Rico Sigue en Recovery"
(La ONU featuring Noriel, Almighty, Jon Z, Lenny Tavárez, Juhn and Darkiel)
(Lenny Tavárez featuring Noriel)
"Knock Out"
(Shelow Shaq featuring Noriel and La Manta)
"El Gatito De Mi Ex (Remix)"
(Benny Benni featuring Brytiago, Noriel, Darkiel, Pusho, Juhn and Gigolo & La Exce)
"Calentura (Remix)"
(Juhn featuring Noriel, Lenny Tavárez, Jon Z and Miky Woodz)
"Tacos Altos"
(Alex Gargola featuring Arcángel, Noriel, Farruko and Bryant Myers)
"Ocho (Remix)"
(Almighty featuring Randy, Juanka El Problematik, Noriel, Bryant Myers, Kendo Kaponi, Ñengo Flow and Pusho)
"Los Mios Ganan (Remix)"
(Miky Woodz with Juhn featuring Noriel and Pusho)
"Duro y Suave"
(Leslie Grace featuring Noriel)
2018 49 36 28 2 14 8 12 7
"El Combo Me Llama 2"
(Benny Benni with Pusho featuring Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Pusho, Noriel, Farruko and Miky Woodz)
"Romper El Hielo"
(Fanny Lu featuring Noriel)
(Montana the Producer featuring Noriel, Jon Z and Jory Boy)
"Hecha Completa"
(EZ el Ezeta featuring Chucho Flash, Noriel, Ñengo Flow and Baby Rasta)
"Bicho Loco (Remix)"
(Ardilla featuring Noriel, El Alfa El Jefe, La Manta, Shelow Shaq, Miky Woodz and Benny Benni)
"No Te Vas"
(Nacho featuring Wisin, Noriel)
"Explícale (Remix)"
(Yandel with Bad Bunny featuring Cosculluela, Noriel and Brytiago)
(Kendo Kaponi featuring Bryant Myers, Pacho, Anonimus and Noriel)
"Donde Tu Te Ves"
(Miky Woodz featuring Noriel)
"Me Tire a Tus Amigas"
(Jon Z featuring Noriel)
Non-album singles
"Me Compre Un Full (Avengers Version)"
(Sinfónico featuring Almighty, Noriel, Miky Woodz and Pusho)
(DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz featuring Yandel, Zion, Jon Z and Noriel)
"No Te Creo"
(Felipe Pelaéz featuring Nacho and Noriel)
"Me Rindo"
(Santana the Golden Boy featuring Amenazzy and Noriel)
"Darte (Remix)"
(Alex Rose with Myke Towers featuring Bryant Myers, Casper Mágico, Jhay Cortez, Juhn, Miky Woodz, Noriel and Ñengo Flow)
"No Sabe Nah (Remix)"
(Benny Benni with Lary Over featuring Alexio, Farruko, Juhn and Noriel
"Viajo Sin Ver (Remix)"
(Jon Z featuring Almighty, Miky Woodz, Ele A El Dominio, Juanka El Problematik, Jeycyn, Lyan, Pusho, De La Ghetto, El Alfa El Jefe and Noriel)
"Suave (Remix)"
(El Alfa El Jefe featuring Chencho Corleone "Plan B", Miky Woodz, Jon Z, Noriel, Bryant Myers)
"Me Usaste"
(Alex Gargolas featuring Jon Z, Juhn, Noriel, Khea, Ecko and Eladio Carrion)
"Una Vez Más"
(Manuel Turizo featuring Noriel)
"Dile A Tu Marido"
(Pasaborda featuring Noriel)
(Pacho featuring Noriel)
"Dios Bendiga"
(Amenazzy featuring Noriel)
"Hoy Me Desacato / Dale Pipo (Remix)"
(Bulova featuring Nacho, Noriel & El Alfa)
"El Teléfono"
(Anonimus featuring Ele A El Dominio, Lyanno & Noriel)
"Noche Loca (Remix)"
(Oken, Mora & Myke Towers featuring De La Ghetto, Bryant Myers, Juhn & Noriel)
"No Tiene Novio"
(Lyanno featuring Noriel)
2019 Non-album singles
"Se Moja"
(Alex Gargolas featuring Amenazzy, Eladio Carrion, Noriel and Rauw Alejandro)
"Yo Te Llamo"
(Joey Montana featuring De La Ghetto and Noriel)
"Fuego en el Fuego (Remix)"
(Darkiel featuring Juhn, Myke Towers and Noriel)
Darkiel Edition: El Más Que Escribe
(Almighty featuring Noriel)
(Almighty featuring Noriel)
"Ella Te Las Va A Pegar"
(Jon Z & Baby Rasta featuring Noriel and Ele A El Dominio)
"Otro Round"
(Brytiago featuring Jon Z and Noriel)
"Mal de Amores"
(Benny Benny featuring Noriel)
El Más Que Escribe
"Verano en París (Remix)"
(Jerry Di featuring Lyanno, Noriel and Zion & Lennox)
Non-album singles
(Nicky Jam featuring Noriel)
(Still in production)
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.


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