Non-Attached Members (France)

The Non-Attached Members (French: députés non-inscrits; NI) are the deputies who are not members or related to any parliamentary group of the National Assembly of France.[1]

16th legislatureEdit

Parti Number of deputies
Miscellaneous left 3
Parti socialiste 2
Parti radical de gauche 1
Divers droite 1
Debout la France 1
Miscellaneous far right 1
Last name Party Constituency Notes
Laurent Panifous PS Ariège's 2nd constituency Form a “centre-left pole” within the non-registered,
independent of the NUPES and the presidential majority.
David Taupiac Gers's 2nd constituency
Jean-Louis Bricout DVG (formerly Parti socialiste) Aisne's 3rd constituency
David Habib Pyrénées-Atlantiques's 3rd constituency
Benjamin Saint-Huile Nord's 3rd constituency
Olivier Falorni PRG Charente-Maritime's 1st constituency
Véronique Besse DVD Vendée's 4th constituency
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan DLF Essonne's 8th constituency President of Debout la France
Emmanuelle Menard EXD Hérault's 6th constituency

15th legislatureEdit

In the 15th legislature of the French Fifth Republic, National Rally MPs sat in this group.

Party Name / Category Abbreviation Number of deputies
National Rally RN 6
The New Democrats ND 5
Debout la France DLF 2
Ecology Generation 2
League of the South LS 1
Miscellaneous centre DVC 5
Miscellaneous right DVD 1
Far-right EXD 1


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