Miscellaneous centre (Divers centre, DVC) in France refers to centrist candidates who are not members of any large party. It is a nuanced and de facto a political label created by the French Ministry of the Interior in 2020.[1]

Affiliated MPs in the 15th legislature sit as Non-Attached Members.

History edit

From 2001 to 2008, the declaration of political nuance "without label" is no longer authorized by the Ministry of the Interior and the nuance "various centers" does not exist, the candidates and lists presenting themselves as "without label" or "Centrists" were then classified as "various right" (DVD) or "various left" (DVG) according to the political tendency declared or supposed closest. In 2008, the introduction of the LDIV nuance for the “miscellaneous” list made it possible to counterbalance this device.[2]

Controversy edit

Several opposition parties accuse the government of having created this new political nuance to "manipulate" the municipal elections of March 2020 by promoting the results of La République en Marche and its allies.[3][4][5]

Membership edit

Since the dissolution of Ecology Democracy Solidarity in October 2020.[6]

Since 2022:

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