Nissan B platform

The B platform is an automobile platform for compact and subcompact cars of the Renault-Nissan Alliance since 2002.[1]

Nissan B platform
ManufacturerRenault–Nissan Alliance
Body and chassis
Body style(s)Various
SuccessorRenault–Nissan Common Module Family B


The B-segment B platform was jointly developed by Nissan and Renault.[2] As of 2010, the next generation of this platform has been renamed V platform.

Renault/Dacia B0 platformEdit

A version with long wheelbase, named B0 platform since 2004,[6] and developed by Renault/Dacia.

The B0 platform used by AvtoVAZ for:

The B0 platform used by Mahindra & Mahindra for:

Dacia M0 platformEdit

A development of the B0 platform,[9][10][11][12] the M0 platform is used for the following cars:

Nissan EV platformEdit

A new electric vehicle platform, based on the Dacia B0 platform,[13] was revealed by Nissan in 2009, though Nissan's own documentation on the B0 platform does not mention the LEAF:[14]

Nissan V platformEdit

The second generation of the B platform is now known as the V platform and used for the following cars:


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