Nishi-Akashi Station

Nishi-Akashi Station (西明石駅, Nishi-Akashi-eki) is a railway station on the San'yō Shinkansen and Sanyō Main Line in Akashi, Hyōgo, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). As part of the Urban Network, the ICOCA, Suica, PiTaPa, TOICA and SUGOCA can all be used on the Sanyō Main Line (they can not be used for Shinkansen service).

Nishi-Akashi Station

JR Nishi Akashi Station West Gate 20200523.jpg
West side of Nishi-Akashi Station, May 2020
Location2-7-20 Kokubo, Akashi, Hyōgo
Coordinates34°40′0.67″N 134°57′37.94″E / 34.6668528°N 134.9605389°E / 34.6668528; 134.9605389Coordinates: 34°40′0.67″N 134°57′37.94″E / 34.6668528°N 134.9605389°E / 34.6668528; 134.9605389
Operated byJR logo (west).svg JR West
  • Bus terminal
Nishi-Akashi Station is located in Japan
Nishi-Akashi Station
Nishi-Akashi Station
Location within Japan

Station and platformsEdit

The Shinkansen and regular train platforms are located some distance from each other, and are connected by a pedestrian overpass located above a public road. As the overpass to the regular platform is inaccessible from the south entrance to the station, passengers are allowed to access it via the Shinkansen side of the station.

Barrier-free accessEdit

In order to better serve passengers with different needs, escalators and elevators are located in the following areas:

  • Escalator
    • Within the west concourse area, one ascending and one descending
  • Elevators
    • East entrance: On the north and south sides, accessible without need of a ticket
    • West entrance: One each on the concourse, Shinkansen platform, and regular train platform


The Sanyo Shinkansen has two platforms which can handle two trains simultaneously. There are two pass-through lines between the two platforms as well, allowing trains to go through the station without stopping. The Sanyō Main Line (JR Kōbe Line) has three island-style platforms which can handle six trains simultaneously.

1  JR Kōbe Line for Sannomiya, Amagasaki, and Osaka (rapid (morning), special rapid)
2  JR Kōbe Line for Kakogawa and Himeji (local (evening), special rapid)
3  JR Kōbe Line for Sannomiya, Amagasaki, and Osaka (local (partly), rapid)
4  JR Kōbe Line for Sannomiya, Amagasaki, and Osaka (local)
5  JR Kōbe Line for Sannomiya, Amagasaki, and Osaka (local)
starting for Kakogawa and Himeji (local, shunt line)
6  JR Kōbe Line for Kakogawa and Himeji (local)
11  Sanyo Shinkansen for Okayama and Hakata
12  Sanyo Shinkansen for Shin-Osaka and Tokyo

Adjacent stationsEdit

Sanyō Shinkansen
Shin-Kobe - Himeji
JR Kobe Line
Akashi (JR-A73)   Limited Express Super Hakuto No. 13
Limited Express Hamakaze No. 5
Commuter Limited Express Rakuraku Harima
  Kakogawa (JR-A79)
Akashi (JR-A73)   Special Rapid   Kakogawa (JR-A79)
Akashi (JR-A73)   Rapid   Okubo (JR-A75)
Akashi (JR-A73)   Local   Okubo (JR-A75)

Surrounding areaEdit

Highway accessEdit


Nishi-Akashi Station in 1946

The station opened on 1 April 1944.

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