Kakogawa Station

Kakogawa Station (加古川駅, Kakogawa-eki) is a railway station in Kakogawa, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Kakogawa Station

JR Kakogawa station04n4592.jpg
LocationKakogawa, Hyōgo
Operated byJR West



There are three island platforms with six tracks elevated.[1]

1  JR Kobe Line for Himeji and Aioi
2  JR Kobe Line for Himeji and Aioi
returning for Sannomiya and Osaka
3, 4  JR Kobe Line for Sannomiya and Osaka
5, 6  Kakogawa Line for Ao and Nishiwakishi


The station opened on December 23, 1888 when the Sanyō Railway extended from Akashi to Himeji. On April 1, 1913, Banshū Railway (now Kakogawa Line) opened its terminal named Kakogawachō, which was merged into Kakogawa Station later (the railway company's application was posted on the Official Gazette (Kanpō) on May 14, 1915, but the actual date of the merger is unknown). The Banshū Railway also opened the line later named the Takasago Line originating from Kakogawachō on December 1, 1913. The Takasago Line closed on December 1, 1984.[2]

Adjacent stationsEdit

« Service »
Sanyo Main Line (JR Kobe Line)
Nishi-Akashi (JR-A74)   Limited Express Super Hakuto No. 13
Limited Express Hamakaze No. 5 (Winter only)
Commuter Limited Express Rakuraku Harima
  Himeji (JR-A85)
Nishi-Akashi (JR-A74)   Special Rapid Service   Himeji (JR-A85)
Higashi-Kakogawa (JR-A78)   Local trains (3 doors)   Hoden (JR-A80)
Higashi-Kakogawa (JR-A78)   Local trains (4 doors)   Terminus
Kakogawa Line
Terminus   Local   Hioka


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Coordinates: 34°46′04″N 134°50′22″E / 34.767828°N 134.839432°E / 34.767828; 134.839432