Nippon Sport Science University

Nippon Sport Science University (日本体育大学, Nippon taiiku daigaku), abbreviated as Nittaidai (日体大) is a private university in Setagaya, Tokyo and Aoba-ku, Yokohama. The precursor of the school was founded in 1893, and it was chartered as a university in 1949. The school is known for the many famous athletes among its alumni.

Nippon Sport Science University
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Nippon Sport Science University
Motto in English
Rich and Powerful Lives Based on Physical Education
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35°37′19″N 139°38′56″E / 35.622°N 139.649°E / 35.622; 139.649
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Schools and FacultiesEdit

  • Faculty of Sport Science
    • Department of Physical Education
    • Department of Health Science
    • Department of Martial Arts
    • Department of Lifelong Sports and Recreation
  • School of Childhood Sport Education
    • Department of Childhood Sport Education
  • Faculty of Medical Science
    • Department of Judo Therapy and Medical Science
    • Department of Emergency Medical Science.

Graduate SchoolsEdit

  • Master's and Doctoral Degree Programs, Graduate School of Health and Sport Science

Research CentersEdit

  • Comprehensive Sport Science Research Center
The Comprehensive Sport Science Research Center publishes the open access journal, "NSSU Journal of Sport Sciences".
  • Research Institute for Sport Science: RISS
  • Sports Training Center

University LibraryEdit

The library of the Setagaya campus holds some 380,000 books.[1]

Other OrganizationsEdit

  • Office of Athletics
  • Student Support Center
  • Admission Center
  • Health Care Center
  • Student Dormitory

Notable alumniEdit




Current notable studentsEdit


  • Kenzō Shirai - Active gymnast; Olympic gold and bronze medalist
  • Hifumi Abe - Active Judoka; current world champion of -66 kg category.


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