Nilüfer, Bursa

Nilüfer is a district of the Bursa Province of Turkey, established in 1987. It is one of the seventeen districts of Bursa Province. It is established as the main residential development area of Bursa in order to meet the housing needs as well as industrial and commercial structures.

Location of Nilüfer in Bursa
Location of Nilüfer in Bursa
Nilüfer is located in Turkey
Location of Nilüfer in Turkey
Coordinates: 40°17.00′N 28°57.00′E / 40.28333°N 28.95000°E / 40.28333; 28.95000
Country Turkey
 • District495.75 km2 (191.41 sq mi)
 • Urban
 • District
 • District density690/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
16x xx
Area code0224
Licence plate16
A view of Nilüfer from Uludağ road
A view of Nilüfer from Özlüce neighborhood

Name originEdit

The name of the district comes from Nilüfer River that passes through the district. Besides that also the name of the river comes from Nilüfer Hatun. According to traditional stories, Nilüfer Hatun ordered the building of a bridge over a river in Bursa and after the completion of bridge, both the river and the bridge were named "Nilüfer".


Nilüfer district hosting the first settlement in Bursa Region as per some researchers, bears the traces of both Byzantine and Ottoman and the older periods in history. In Nilüfer; Tepecik Tumulus, Gölyazı and Tahtalı villages in Alaaddinbey Neighborhood and Aktopraklık Tumulus and Gölyazı islands region in Akçalar district are rich in historical findings. There are ruins of churches, mosques, baths, fountains, monasteries and castles in these regions together with historical remains and monument trees.

There are many historical structures scattered in different parts of Nilüfer. Mosques, bridges and baths from Ottoman region and church ruins remained from various times. Some of them are: H. Ioannes Theologos Church in Çatalağıl village, Saint Helena Church in Özlüce Neighborhood, Demirci Mosque, Yaylacık Mosque, Mihraplı Bridge. Also Misi village and Gölyazı district are the richest ancient settlement areas in Nilüfer. The history of the district goes back to 6th century B.C.[3]


Due to being a new residential development area, Nilüfer has a high population growth rate with respect to other places. The population of the district rose%13 in yearly basis between 1990–2000 and%5.6 in yearly basis between 2000 and 2007. The official results of the recent censuses are:

Results of Recent National Censuses[4]
Years Urban Rural Total
2011 316.753
2007 199.270 52.074 251.344
2000 136.311 42.371 178.682
1997 99.323 36.107 135.430
1990 36.897 28.902 65.799


The weather of district shows characteristics of Marmara climatic region. While, the hottest month of the year is July, the coldest month is February. The rainy weather can be seen mostly in winter and spring time. The annual average precipitation is about 500–700 mm. The humidity in district is about 58% in average.


Nilüfer comes first among the districts of Bursa in terms of the economical contribution it provides to Turkey. Because, Bursa Organized Industry Area, Nilüfer Organized Industry area and Beşevler Small Industry Site, which provide employment opportunities for a great amount of Bursa population take place within the borders of Nilüfer. There are many other industry areas and business centers in Çalı, Kayapa, Hasanağa, Akçalar and Görükle under the body of Nilüfer. Nilüfer provides employment opportunities to 80% of Bursa population and derives great income for Turkey. The most important sectors within the district are textile, automotive, machine, spare parts and related industry products.[5]

Cultural activitiesEdit

The cultural activities in district are organized mainly by Nilüfer Municipality. The Municipality provides several hobby and art classes in several activities, such as; drawing, sculpture, acting, photographing, ornament design, ebru, mosaic etc. Also several plays, concerts, exhibitions and conferences are performed every year in culture centers (such as Konak Kültürevi, Uğur Mumcu Sahnesi, and Nâzım Hikmet Kültürevi) of the municipality. In summer time, several open-air public concerts are given by different musicians as a part of two summer festivals organized by Uludag University and Nilüfer Municipality. Also there are several local, traditional festivals held by villagers and other small communities in district. Most of them originate from traditional harvest festivals.


In 2014, the Minareliçavuş Spor Tesisleri was opened consisting of two football fields. It is home to Yeşil Bursa AŞ playing in the TFF Third League.[6][7]

Main sightsEdit

  • Misi Village
  • Gölyazı District
  • Mihraplı Bridge
  • H. Ioannes Theologos Church
  • Nilüfer Bridge
  • Demirci Mosque
  • Uluabat Lake
  • Ayvaini Cave
  • Saint Helena Church

Twin Cities and PartnershipsEdit

Nilüfer Municipality is twinned with;

Nilüfer Municipality has also partnership agreements with;


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Coordinates: 40°17′N 28°57′E / 40.283°N 28.950°E / 40.283; 28.950