Nikica Kolumbić

Nikica Kolumbić (6 October 1930 - 1 March 2009) was Croatian historian and lexicographer.[1]

He was born in Zagreb. He graduated Croatian studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1955, receiving a PhD in 1964 with a thesis On the origin and development of Croatian medieval passion poetry and drama (Postanak i razvoj hrvatske srednjovjekovne pasionske poezije i drame) at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar. There he continued to work as a professor of older Croatian literature.[1]

He was the Editor-in-Chief of the first volume of the Croatian Biographical Lexicon (1983). Since 2002 he was a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.[1]

His work on early Croatian literature is collected in books Hrvatska književnost od humanizma do manirizma (1980), Po običaju začinjavac (1994) and Poticaji i nadahnuća (2005). He edited and wrote commentaries on texts by Marko Marulić (1994), and provided a modern poetic rendition of Marulić's Judita. He also published a fictionalized biography of the Croatian humanist Fran Trankvil Andreis (Krvava rijeka, 1979) and a number of papers and theater critiques.[1]

He died in Zadar.


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