The Croatian Encyclopedia (Croatian: Hrvatska enciklopedija, Croatian: Hrvatska opća enciklopedija) is a Croatian national encyclopedia published in 1999–2009 by the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography.[1]

Croatian Encyclopedia
EditorsDalibor Brozović, Tomislav Ladan et al.
Original titleHrvatska enciklopedija
GenreReference encyclopedia
PublisherMiroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography
Publication date
Media type11 volumes (hardbound)

Overview edit

The project began in 1999, and it represents a fifth iteration of the encyclopedic tradition that was established by Mate Ujević's Croatian Encyclopedia, and continued in the Encyclopedia of the Lexicographical Institute, as well as the two editions of the General Encyclopedia.[1]

Eleven volumes were published in the period 1999-2009, with a new volume appearing every year. Since 2010, the Internet edition of the encyclopedia was prepared, updated and enriched with new multimedia content.[2] The free Internet edition of the Croatian Encyclopedia has been available since September 2013. Paper volumes are no longer published and further work has been exclusively done in the form of a computer database, which serves as the basis for Internet and other multimedia editions of the encyclopedia.[3]

Volumes edit

Volume number Editor-In-Chief Year Pages
I. : A – Bd Dalibor Brozović 1999 674
II. : Be – Da 2000 723
III. : Da – Fo 2001 722
IV. : Fr – Ht 2002 753
V. : Hu – Km August Kovačec 2003 725
VI. : Kn – Mak 2004 786
VII. : Mal – Nj 2005 814
VIII. : O – Pre Slaven Ravlić 2006 773
IX. : Pri – Sk 2007 842
X. : Sl – To 2008 830
XI. : Tr – Ž 2009 859

Printed volumes total 9272 pages and 67,077 articles, with a total of 1,059,000 lines of text.[3] It represents a combined effort of 1070 authors, mainly associates.[3]

References edit

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