Croatian Biographical Lexicon

Croatian Biographical Lexicon (Croatian: Hrvatski biografski leksikon) is a multi-volume biographical and bibliographical encyclopedia in Croatian, published by the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography. It contains biographies of prominent Croats, as well as foreigners who participated in Croatian public life and have left their mark on the history of Croatia.[1]

The project was launched in the second half of the 1970s.[1] Seven volumes have been published so far with a total of 10,218 articles (3,524 illustrations). The Editor-in-Chief of the first volume was Nikica Kolumbić, of the second volume Aleksandar Stipčević, and since 1990 the Chief Editor has been Trpimir Macan.[1]

Many of the biographies in the Lexicon have been researched and published for the first time.[1]


Vol. Title Year Editor-in-chief Page count
1 A–Bi 00198300 Nikica Kolumbić 800
2 Bj–C 1989 Aleksandar Stipčević 784
3 Č–Đ 1993 Trpimir Macan 779
4 E–Gm 1998 766
5 Gn–H 2002 775
6 I–Kal 2005 761
7 Kam–Ko 2009 842
8 Kr–Li 2013 714


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