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New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Non-Fiction Film

The New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Non-Fiction Film is the award given for best feature documentary film at the annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards. The category was originally named Best Documentary and was awarded as such between 1980 and 1996. In 1997 it was discontinued and in 1998 it was relaunched under its current name.

List of winning filmsEdit

Best Documentary (1960–1997)Edit

Year (ceremony) Winner Director(s)
1980 (46th) Best Boy Ira Wohl
1981 (47th) N/A N/A
1982 (48th) N/A N/A
1983 (49th) N/A N/A
1984 (50th) The Times of Harvey Milk Rob Epstein
1985 (51st) Shoah Claude Lanzmann
1986 (52nd) Marlene Maximilian Schell
1987 (53rd) N/A N/A
1988 (54th) The Thin Blue Line Errol Morris
1989 (55th) Roger & Me Michael Moore
1990 (56th) N/A N/A
1991 (57th) Paris Is Burning Jennie Livingston
1992 (58th) Brother's Keeper Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky
1993 (59th) Visions of Light Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, and Stuart Samuels
1994 (60th) Hoop Dreams Steve James
1995 (61st) Crumb Terry Zwigoff
1996 (62nd) When We Were Kings Leon Gast
1997 (63rd) Fast, Cheap & Out of Control Errol Morris

Best Non-Fiction Film (1998–present)Edit

Year (ceremony) Winner Director(s)
1998 (64th) The Farm: Angola, USA Liz Garbus, Wilbert Rideau, and Jonathan Stack
1999 (65th) Buena Vista Social Club Wim Wenders
2000 (66th) The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg Aviva Kempner
2001 (67th) The Gleaners and I (Les glaneurs et la glaneuse) Agnès Varda
2002 (68th) Standing in the Shadows of Motown Paul Justman
2003 (69th) Capturing the Friedmans Andrew Jarecki
2004 (70th) Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore
2005 (71st) Grizzly Man (TIE) Werner Herzog
The White Diamond (TIE)
2006 (72nd) Deliver Us from Evil Amy J. Berg
2007 (73rd) No End in Sight Charles H. Ferguson
2008 (74th) Man on Wire James Marsh
2009 (75th) Of Time and the City Terence Davies
2010 (76th) Inside Job Charles H. Ferguson
2011 (77th) Cave of Forgotten Dreams Werner Herzog
2012 (78th) The Central Park Five Ken Burns, David McMahon, and Sarah Burns
2013 (79th) Stories We Tell Sarah Polley
2014 (80th) Citizenfour Laura Poitras
2015 (81st) In Jackson Heights Frederick Wiseman
2016 (82nd) O.J.: Made in America Ezra Edelman
2017 (83rd) Faces Places Agnès Varda and JR
2018 (84th) Minding the Gap Bing Liu

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