New Silk Route Partners LLC, abb as NSR, is a $1.4-billion private equity firm that invests in private companies in India, Asia, and the Middle East.[3]

New Silk Route partners
IndustryPrivate equity
PredecessorTaj Capital
Founded2006 (2006)[1]
FounderRajat Gupta
Parag Saxena
Victor Menezes
HeadquartersNew York, United States
Mumbai, India
Bengaluru, India
Dubai, United Arab Emirates[2]
Key people
Parag Saxena (CEO)
Victor Menezes
ProductsPrivate equity, growth capital
AUM$1.4 billion

History edit

New Silk Route was initially named Taj Capital. Its founding team included, at various points (alphabetically):[4][5]

Messrs. Kumar, Rajaratnam, and Schwartz resigned as founding partners before the firm began operation.

The firm enjoyed close relationships with both Goldman Sachs and the Galleon Group: "A month before joining Goldman’s board, Rajat Gupta began marketing a $2 billion hybrid private-equity and hedge fund vehicle called Taj Capital Partners with one of Goldman’s biggest hedge fund clients, Raj Rajaratnam."[6] According to Fortune, "New Silk Route's original fundraising was for $2 billion (under the name Taj Capital) -- and [...] the first $600 million or so went into Galleon hedge funds."[7]

Leadership Team edit

  • Anand Dorairaj, Partner
  • Jacob Kurian, Partner
  • Jens Yahya Zimmerman, Partner
  • Parag Saxena, CEO & Founding General Partner
  • Sanjeev Chachondia, Operating Partner
  • Vivek Sett, Partner

Senior Operating Partners edit

The fund formed a strategic advisory board in January 2012 comprising:[8]

Investments edit

In 2007:

  • Reliance Telecom Infrastructure[9]
  • Ascend Telecom[10]

In 2008:

In 2010 NSR:

In 2013:

It had large stakes in 9X Media and Ascend Telecom Infrastructure as of 2016. Its other investments include VRL Logistics, Rolex Rings, KS Oils, Varsity Education Management and Vasudev Adiga’s Fast Food.[18]

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