National symbols of Ecuador

National symbols of Ecuador are the representative symbols that are used by Ecuador to represent the nation, reflecting different aspects of the cultural life and history. The official symbols or emblems of Ecuador are established by law and part of the Political Constitution of Ecuador.

Official symbolsEdit

The official symbols of Ecuador are established by law.

Symbol Image Adopted
Flag Flag of Ecuador September 26, 1860
National anthem Salve, Oh Patria
September 29, 1948
Coat of arms Coat of arms of Ecuador 1845 (altered 1900)
Motto Dios, patria y libertad
(God, homeland and liberty)

Unofficial symbolsEdit

Symbol Image Remarks
National flower Rose
Unofficial national flower emblems
National tree Cinchona pubescens
Exemplary view in Podocarpus National Park
National animal Andean condor 1958
II Galapagos tortoise Equally recognizable as the symbol of the Galapagos Islands
III Frog Recognized for its extreme biodiversity, where frog species are the most numerous
National colours Yellow, blue and red
 Yellow  Blue  Red 
Yellow for the sun and gold, blue for the sky and liberty, red for blood and freedom
National Mountains Chimborazo National symbol: see coat of arms
National river Guayas National symbol: see coat of arms
National symbol Steam boat on the Guayas River with the Chimborazo in the background
need picture here
Intended to depict the equal beauty and wealth of the Sierra and Costa regions.
National instrument Rondador Under the Panflute, lineage

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