National Pro Patria Party

The National Party of the Fatherland[9] (Spanish: Partido Nacional "Pro-Patria"), usually translated as the National Pro Patria Party[10] or simply the Pro Patria Party,[8] was a far-right political party which was the sole-legal political party in El Salvador from its establishment in 1933 until its dissolution in 1945. The party was founded by President General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez to support his government.

National Party of the Fatherland
Partido Nacional "Pro-Patria"
LeaderMaximiliano Hernández Martínez
FoundedJune 1933
Preceded byNational Republican Party
HeadquartersSan Salvador
Political positionFar-right
ReligionCatholicism[citation needed]
  • "Paz, Orden, Justicia, y Probidad"[8]
  • (English: "Peace, Order, Justice, and Probity")
Legislative Assembly (1944)
42 / 42
Party flag
Party flag

History Edit

The National Pro Patria Party was founded in June 1933 by General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez, the acting president of El Salvador, to support his presidential campaign for the upcoming 1935 presidential election.[9] The National Pro Patria Party was the country's sole-legal political party.[11] The party was governed by the supreme council, which was composed of Hernández Martínez, members of his cabinet, and other high ranking government officials.[12] It had its first meeting in July 1933.[9]

In the 1935 election, Hernández Martínez was the only candidate, winning all 329,555 votes.[13] He again ran unopposed in the 1939 presidential election, where he again won all 210,810 votes,[14] and again in 1944, however, no results were published.

After an attempted coup and widespread student protests against his government, Hernández Martínez resigned and fled the country in May 1944. He was succeeded by Andrés Ignacio Menéndez, but he was deposed by Osmín Aguirre y Salinas in October 1944, ending the rule of the National Pro Patria Party.[14] The party was declared to be dissolved by the Salvadoran government in 1945.[14]

Electoral history Edit

Presidential elections Edit

Election Party candidate Votes % Result Ref
1935 Maximiliano Hernández Martínez 329,555 100.00 Elected  Y [14]
1939 Maximiliano Hernández Martínez 210,810 100.00 Elected  Y [14]
1944 Maximiliano Hernández Martínez No results published Elected  Y
1945 No leader did not run Lost  N

Legislative Assembly elections Edit

Election Party leader Votes % Position Seats +/– Status in legislature Ref
1936 Maximiliano Hernández Martínez No results published   1st
42 / 42
  42 Sole legal party [14]
1939 210,810 100.00   1st
42 / 42
  0 Sole legal party [14]
1944 No results published   1st
42 / 42
  0 Sole legal party

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