Nate Bargatze

Nathanael “Nate” Bargatze (born March 25, 1979) is an American comedian and actor from Old Hickory, Tennessee.[1][2] He started at "The Boston" in New York City. He's known for his special on Comedy Central Presents, has appeared multiple times on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.[3][4][5]

Nate Bargatze
Nate Bargatze.jpg
Bargatze performing in February 2017
Born (1979-03-25) March 25, 1979 (age 41)
Old Hickory, Tennessee, U.S.

Bargatze was part of Jimmy Fallon’s "Clean Cut Comedy Tour" in 2013.[6] He won New York’s Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Festival in the same year.[7] He wrote for the Spike TV Video Game Awards, and has performed multiple times for Coalition forces in Iraq and Kuwait. He was mentioned in Rolling Stone by Marc Maron as a "comic who should be big" and in Esquire by Jim Gaffigan as one of the top up-and-coming comics.[8][9]

His first album, Yelled at by a Clown (2014), made it onto the Billboard Top Ten Comedy Charts for two weeks, peaking at #2.[10][11] He released his second album, Full Time Magic, in coordination with his Comedy Central Special in May 2015.[12]

In 2017, Bargatze had a half-hour special released on Netflix as part of a six-part original series entitled "The Standups."[13]

On March 26, 2019, Bargatze released an hour-long Netflix special titled "The Tennessee Kid," filmed outside Atlanta, Georgia.

On July 8, 2020, Bargatze started a podcast titled "The Nateland Podcast" which is available on Youtube and Spotify. Bargatze co-hosts the lighthearted podcast with fellow comedians Brian “Bread basket” Bates and Aaron “Like The Grill” Weber. The podcast revolves around the three hosts picking a seemingly benign topic like “calendars” or “weather” and then spiralling hilariously downhill to the point where Nate usually declares the topic the worst they’ve ever chosen or declaring himself confused and incredulously asking his fellow co-hosts questions about everyday things. The podcast has been touted “a show about nothing” and the hosts frequently make references inside jokes straight out of tv sitcoms “Seinfeld” and “The Office”. A frequent tradition is for Nate to open the show with “Hello, Folks!”(deemed the official name for Nateland podcast followers). The first 30 minutes is usually dedicated to comments from viewers/listeners about the previous show. Typical comments are usually raves about the previous topic, people adding facts or correcting the group and most hilariously expressing their disdain for Bargatze, Bates or Weber or the show as a whole. Bargatze famously stumbles through reading the comments, usually ending up with some rant or comic bit in the process. The show has received great critical acclaim with reviews dubbing it “insightful and lighthearted” as well as “ridiculously funny”. Recently, Weber was fan-diagnosed with gout at the young age of 28 and his scary gout-foot is now a running gag. After having his name mistaken early in the series, Brian is now frequently referred to by the wrong first name, often starting with the letter “B”. He has affectionately been referred to as Brisket, Barnacle, Butterball and even just Worried Bates (the latter referring to Bates’ genuinely worried-looking resting face).

Personal Life

Bargatze currently resides in Mount Juliet, Tennessee at a home with no front door. He lives with his wife, Lorraine Baines-Bargatze, daughter Harper, brother Whorf and dog Macaroni Bargatze.


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