Mykola Konrad

Blessed Mykola Konrad (Ukrainian: Микола Конрад) was a Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest who became a martyr in 1941.


Konrad was born on 16 May 1876 in the village of Strusiv in Ternopil Region.[1] He studied philosophy and theology in Rome, where he defended his dissertation and received his doctorate.[2] He was ordained a priest in 1899.[3] He taught for a time in high schools in Berezhany and Terebovlya. In 1929 he founded Obnova ("Renewal") the first communion of Ukrainian Catholic students,[4] and in 1930 he was asked by Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky to teach at the Lviv Theological Academy.[2] He was then appointed parish priest in the village of Stradch.[1]

On 26 June 1941 he was murdered along with Volodymyr Pryjma, in a forest near Stradch as they were returning from the house of a sick woman who had requested the sacrament of reconciliation.[1][2][3]

He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 27 June 2001.[1]


In an interview, Fr. Mykola Markevych said, "Doctor Konrad, a professor at the Academy, my catechist... O, he was a distinguished person. An ideal man. He was very involved with youth; he had a heart for youth- and for his people. He wanted us to be patriots, good and aware students. That was Father Konrad."[4]

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