My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves (film)

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves is a 2008 Indian crime drama film starring newcomer Nikhil Dwivedi, Amrita Rao and Mithun Chakraborty as the lead protagonists. The film is directed by Eeshwar Nivas. The name of the movie is derived from the 1977 hit movie Amar Akbar Anthony's famous song, "My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves." It was released on 11 January 2008 and was a box office bomb.

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves
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Directed byEeshwar Nivas
Written byMayur Puri (screenplay & dialogue)
Lajan Joseph (screenplay)
StarringNikhil Dwivedi
Amrita Rao
Mithun Chakraborty
Music byPritam
Himesh Reshammiya
CinematographyPrakash Kutty
Edited byRameshwar S. Bhagat
Distributed bySahara One
Release date
  • 11 January 2008 (2008-01-11)


My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves starts with a gangster and killer, Sikander (Pawan Malhotra), murdering someone with his gang; they bury him and flee. Then the story line drops to a young man, Anthony Gonsalves (introducing Nikhil Dwivedi), who accepts Sikander for his father, guru, everything, since Sikander adopted Anthony when he was a young child living on the streets. He didn't exactly adopt him, since he says that his real father is the town priest (Mithun Chakraborty).

Anthony's big dream is to become a famous and wealthy actor and be as kind as Sikander—he doesn't know that Sikander is a murderer. Sikander never told him because he wanted Anthony to be a kind and nice gentleman, unlike himself. Anthony has big dreams, like living with high society peoples, meeting his idols, Priyanka Chopra, etc.

One day when Anthony is practicing film dialogues with a couple of street gangsters, he meets Riya (Amrita Rao), a woman who has no family, is an orphan, who lives a middle-class lifestyle in Mumbai and works as an assistant director for a movie producer, Bharucha (Lilette Dubey). Anthony introduces himself as the son of Jeffrey, who died in 1986, and works as a waiter in Jimmy's Pub, Bandra. She meets him again in the studios when he comes to audition for the part of Mark Anthony in a re-make of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Both are attracted to each other and continue to meet. Little does Riya know that Anthony has lied to her, as he never had a father by the name of Jeffrey. When he gets the role of Mark Anthony, he goes to tell Sikander and he sees him murdering a person. Anthony now knows the true side of Sikander.

Anthony doesn't tell, but somehow how police inspector Khan (Javed Sheikh) finds out and goes to alert for Sikander, for which he needs the help of Anthony. He gets Anthony on his side, but Anthony is a man on his word and blames all the murders on Sikander's boss (Anupam Kher). To make it look real, Anthony does fake stunts, like blowing Murtaza's factory up and acting dead. In the climax, Anthony, Sikander, and the priest who raised Anthony, get together to kill Sikander's boss; that's when the police enter. Sikander gets arrested. Anthony marries Riya and becomes a big hero, a superstar, and his dreams come true.


Actor/Actress Role
Nikhil Dwivedi Anthony Gonsalves
Amrita Rao Riya
Mithun Chakraborty Priest Braganza
Pawan Malhotra Sikander Bhai
Anupam Kher Murtaza Seth
Mukesh Tiwari Maqsood
Anil Kapoor Himself (Guest Appearance)
Lilette Dubey Ms Barucha
Javed Sheikh Inspector Khan
Priyanka Chopra Special Guest
Hrishita Bhatt Special Guest
D. Santosh Michael
Sachin Nayak Casting Director(in Film)
Vishal O Sharma as Shiraj Bhai


My Name is Anthony Gonsalves
Soundtrack album by
Released1 January 2008 (2008-01-01)
GenreFilm soundtrack

The soundtrack of the film is composed by Pritam and Himesh Reshammiya while the lyrics are penned by Sameer.

Track listEdit

Track # Song Artist(s)
1 Allah Beley KK
2 Jaane Maula Jaane Khuda (another version by Remo Fernandes) Amit Kumar
3 Tum Mile (music by: Himesh Reshammiya) Sunidhi Chauhan, KK
4 Tere Bina Sunidhi Chauhan
5 Ya Baba Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan
6 Tum Mile Remix (music by: Himesh Reshammiya) KK, Sunidhi Chauhan (Remixed By: Abhijit Vagani)
7 Ya Baba Remix Sunidhi Chauhan (Remixed By: Joshilay)

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