Mungialdea, also known as Uribe-Butroe,[1] is a comarca of the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country, Spain. Mungialdea is the heir of the larger historical region of Uribe, which was one of the merindades of Biscay. It comprises the most rural area of the historical region, drained by the Butrón River and with some small municipalities. It is one of the seven comarcas that compose the province of Biscay. Its capital city is Mungia.

Jata Mountain in Mungialdea
Jata Mountain in Mungialdea
Country Spain
Autonomous communityBasque Country
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)



Mungialdea is located at the north of Biscay, bordering with the comarcas of Busturialdea on the east, Greater Bilbao on the east and south and the Bay of Biscay on the north.

Its landscape fits with the oceanic climate and can be divided into two subregions:

  • The coast, with beaches and high cliffs.
  • Butrón, the area surrounding the Butrón river.


Beaches of Plentzia (in the foreground) and Gorliz (in the background).
# Municipality Population Territory km²
  Arrieta 558 14.47
  Bakio 2,470 16.78
  Barrika 1,487 7.77
  Fruiz 450 5.73
  Gamiz-Fika 1,327 15.53
  Gatika 1,570 17.42
  Gorliz 5,503 10.29
  Laukiz 1,109 8.16
  Lemoiz 1,023 18.90
  Maruri-Jatabe 896 15.8
  Meñaka 702 12.70
  Mungia 16,527 52.12
  Plentzia 4,292 11.17
  Sopelana 12,527 8.39
  Urduliz 3,422 7.8